Saturday, March 28, 2009

Timeline of our Bear Cub

I've been noticing so many new things with Cora. It mostly is her motor skills such as grasping and putting things in her mouth that I find astonishing. Right now, she is beating the crap out of Elmo on her Sesame Street mobile. :) What baffles me is that I see very little changes in her appearance. I know she has changed, but exactly how? I am going to use this post to do a timeline of photos. The only way I can tell she has grown is if I remind myself of how big her clothes used to be, how my arm cuddled her whole body when she ate (now I only reach the top of her butt), how her feet curled around my waist but couldn't touch the couch when she ate (now she practically stands up to get leverage), and how I was so nervous to hold her when she was naked and give her baths because she was so darn small (now I love to cuddle her "plump" naked body and love to give her baths). Right now is the first time that I am actually looking at the photos side by side. So, here we go!

Minutes old. She was even observant this early. :) Poor little cheek bruises. I am glad those healed fast.

A few days old. I can't remember exactly how old but in Lee's words, "She was so new she was still wet behind the ears."

3 weeks old. She just had eaten and gotten a bath. She's wearing the same outfit right now. I think she looks beautiful in purple.

1 month old. I couldn't believe how her personality started coming through pictures at this point.

1 month 3 weeks old. Hmmm, her hair is long!

2 months old. I didn't get an official 2 month photo because we were travelling and it slipped my mind. She went through customs in the airport on her 2 month birthday! Jet setting Baby!

3 months old! She is really starting to get a personality (if you can't tell).

Yep, so I'm still not seeing huge changes. Of course she has grown, but still. I think part of it is that she never really looked like a true brand new newborn. She had the wrinkly forehead and was small, but that was about it. Either way, she is getting more and more precious each day.

Yesterday, Lee and I went Easter shopping for her. She got a Bumbo chair (the little seat she is sitting in above is a Bumbo), a jolly jumper to hook in the door, and a 2 foot long inch worm that crinkles, squeaks, rattles, and plays music for tummy time. It took Lee and me forever to pick the toy. We wanted something that stimulates her but doesn't scare her since she frightens quite easily. This toy seemed perfect because it wasn't loud but still offered a lot. Well, of course Lee and I have already opened everything. She does like the worm. As soon as her milk digests, we're trying out the jolly jumper. Hmmmm, I wonder what will go into her Easter basket now? Hahaha. Guess we'll have to go shopping again! We're going to have a playdate with Claire and her Mommy and Daddy soon, so we'll try out some of those toys. :)

Happy Weekend to all!!

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Joel, Paula and Amelia Frantz said...

You can't see how much Cora grows and changes because you see her every day. I see it.
When Amelia was born, on a Wednesday, I promised to send my Mom a weekly update... every Wdnesday. It always included a photo. I wish I had all of those emails, in order. When I look back at photos and baby book entries now, it already seems like a long time ago and Amelia tells me all the time that she's not a baby, she's a little girl. Okay, but she's still my baby.
So, take LOTS of pics and videos and write in her baby book or a journal all the time - you won't regret it!