Monday, March 16, 2009


Is it just me, or is it hard to get motivated when there is sooooooooo much blogging to do?? We arrived safely in Omaha after having a great lunch in O'Neil with good ol' Tylr. Cora and I had a bit of a changing fiasco. She peed all over me...totally embarrassing. We saw Lee off on Tuesday as he had to come back to Edmonton to work. Cora and I split our time between Omaha, Gretna and Sioux City. The pictures to follow in this entry document our time with Grandma Jo, Aunt Jean, and Aunt Carol all the way from Denver! 

Like typical Nebraska weather, we had a few days of gorgeous weather and a couple cold rainy days. Grandma Jo took full advantage of the nice weather and took Cora on walks around the neighborhood. Cora was so relaxed and happy that she slept through the entire walk...both times. :)

We also had a great time attempting to make a hand print and successfully making a foot print in plaster. We don't have pictures, but Carol video taped. The video is incredibly funny. I need to finalize the DVD and upload it to the computer. As soon as I have done that, I will post it. Cora was quite the trooper. 

We also had a "Sip and See" for Cora Bell (as Aunt Jean affectionately calls our little girl). So many people made it out for coffee, amazing coffeecake, and of course Cora! We had an amazing time! Cora's cousins from Geneva and Gibbon drove 2 hours for the coffee date. And Cora's very special outfit from Grandma Jo received a zillion comments. :) Thank you so much Jean, Carol and Mary Jo. We had an outstanding time! Enjoy the Pierce St. Pics!

Grandma Jo and Cora playing in the mirror. Cora LOVED this mirror.

Cora helping Mommy open her gifts during the Sip and See.

Grandma Jo, Cora, and Mommy

Aunt Carol, Grandma Jo, me, Cora, and Aunt Jean before the Sip and See started.

Getting clean in Aunt Jean's sink!

Georgy helping change Cora's diaper. 

Happy Happy Baby!

Such a sweet smile for Mommy. I just LOVE her!!

Georgy and Cora hanging out. Isn't this sweet? George was really good with her. He was only jealous if she was getting ALL the attention.

Cora getting ready for her party. How sweet is she?

Cora was absolutely mesmerized with Aunt Carol. This is a picture of the two of them chatting.

Aunt Carol and Grandma Jo heading out for a walk with Cora and George.

Grandma Jo, Cora and George by the Welcome Home sign. Too fun!

Grandma Jo and Cora on our walk.

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