Monday, January 24, 2011

Fish in Water

The picture below is one of Cora's latest creations. Nearly two weeks ago, Cora and I were stranded at school because the train electronics had malfunctions causing the bus system to get backed up. It was frigid cold...-15 without windchill. Lee was three hours away in Calgary but scheduled to come home that evening. I made the decision that Cora and I would wait in my office until Lee was able to pick us up. It was warm, and there was food. The first thing I did was give her a notepad and pen to draw. One of my labmates was asking Cora about her drawing. The conversation went something like this:

Rene: What are you drawing?
Cora (concentrating very hard on her masterpiece): It's a fish.
Rene: What? Really? Are you sure. I am not seeing a fish.
Cora (sternly looks at him): It's a fish!

A few minutes pass by. Cora is still intently working on her drawing.

Rene: Now what are you drawing?
Cora: It's water.

So, this marks the first time that Cora has told anybody what she is actually drawing. I was astounded to find out that it wasn't just a bunch of squiggles. I think it is a beautiful creation. And, it appears she might loves fish just as much as her father.

For good measure, I had to put a shot of Cora in the blog.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brrr Brrr Baby

We had a ton of snow fall this last weekend. We had over a foot of snow fall in a matter of 2.5 days! It is definitely a winter wonderland. The cold didn't come until Monday, so we took Cora out for some snow fun on Sunday. I can't believe I just wrote this last sentence. When I say the cold hadn't hit yet, that means it was 3F outside! I have been in Edmonton much too long. I think it is only -4 or -5 out right now, and Cora and I have been out and about all morning long. I have definitely digressed.

So, we took Cora out in the snow to play. The snow was so deep it was past her waist. Good thing she didn't sink all the way down to the bottom because it very well might have been over her head. I had to keep picking Reggie up so he didn't get completely buried in the snow. We taught Cora how to make snow angels. We buried her legs and arms. It was so much fun. It certainly took me back to the days when I could play outside for hours and never get bored.

Lee shovelling the back deck off. The snow is so high that he standing even with the seat of the bench.

There isn't much need for stairs when the snow is almost as high as the deck. Reggie is actually having fun at this point. He gets cold quick these days.

Snow angels!

I love this photo!

This is the front yard. The shrub that is barely poking out of the snow is nearly a two foot tall plant.