Friday, August 13, 2010

A Wild Hair

Cora and I got a wild hair yesterday. Actually, a whole head of wild hair. Cora's head of wild hair. I love her hair to death. It has been beautiful since the day she was born. Lately, though, it has become way too crazy. Even for my liking. I tie it back in a pony tail nearly every day. She looks amazing in a pony tail with a big bow. But, some days I really want to just leave it down. The only problem is, her hair just hangs in her face. I decided that she finally needed her first hair cut. I found this great little place called Beaners and made an appointment.

Here is Cora at Beaners before her hair was cut.

Serious Cora during her hair cutting. She only sat in the Hummer while the woman combed her hair. She then really wanted to sit in my lab. Over all, I think she did very good!

Look at her death grip on the steering wheel!

She relaxed just long enough to realize that she wanted me to hold her. Shortly after I took this picture she started climbing out of the chair. 

Here is Cora after her hair cut. Lee and I love it!

Beaners was great! The had all kinds of ways to distract Cora. The had a ball pit for her to play in before and after her hair cut. TV's were playing Finding Nemo. There were all kinds of cool places to sit for the kiddos while they were getting their hair cut. We are very lucky to have this place in Edmonton. 

I loved Cora's hair so much that I continued taking pictures of her the rest of the day.

Cute?? I told you! Of course, taking a few pictures outside wasn't enough. Here is her reaction to her new 'do in the mirror.

ME: Honey, Nobody is calling for you right now. Look in the mirror at your new haircut.

Cora: (Points to hair) Air??
Me: Yes! Hair! New!!!! Pretty. Very pretty.

Cora: Itty? Ooooh.
Me: Yes! Loooooook.

Me: See? So pretty.
Cora: (staring intently at her new silence)

Me: Really pretty. Do you like it?
Cora: (still silence, but there is a somewhat likable look on her face)

Cora: (looking completely disgusted)
Me: Oh sweetie. You look gorgeous!!!

Cora: Air?? (smiles)
Me: Yessssssss. Beeeeeaaaaaautiful hair!

Cora: (bored with hair decides to brush her teeth)

After all that fun, we decided to take a walk with Reg before it started storming. I was planning on taking pictures at the park, but thunder started as soon as we got down the driveway. Needless to say, I only took one picture and put the camera back inside.

Of course, when we got back I just had to take mooooore pictures. This is her new favorite seat in the house. We were watching some cartoons before dinner. Just to clarify, I thought one of the pretty much the same picture wasn't enough. :)

Is this the end? Of course not! When I saw her pretty little face this morning, I took more. :) This is the last set though. Enjoy. 

In these last three pictures, I was saying, "Who's a monkey? Is Cora a monkey?" She was responding with "Hoo Hoo Hoo and lifting her arms up". This would be her monkey noise. Funny stuff.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tell Me a Story

Here is a super cute video of Lee and Cora having a "Cora Convo". I hope this video tides you all over while I get our camping entries together. :) We're not totally sure what she is saying, but we are starting to understand more and more every day.