Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cora Scissor Hands

I have a ton to blog about, but I couldn't wait on this one topic! As most of you know, I cut Cora's hair. It is easy because she has layered curls so poor cut jobs are easily camouflaged. Tonight, however, Cora thought she would take it upon herself to help Mommy out. Silly me forgot how tall Cora is now and that she can reach many places. Here's how it went down.

Cora has been watching Cinderella morning, noon, and night. Great Aunt Elsie gave her the movie and it is her current favorite. I was shocked any movie could reach the same status of Beauty and the Beast, but it has happened. I am pretty sure that Cora thinks she is actually the princesses in the various Disney movies that she watches.

Beauty and the Beast
  • Carries around a chapter book just like Belle. In Cora's case, she is partial to "The Hobbit".
  • Accidentally drops her book in the mud and is constantly cleaning it off.
  • Holds on to Reggie while yelling, "Woah Boy! Easy!"
  • Ballroom dances with her dolls.
  • Wears a blanket over her head resembling a cloak. I actually made her a cloak out of pretty purple velvet and she hates it. She prefers her towels and one pink knitted blanket. :)
  • This movie is new, so I haven't made a lot of connections yet. Only one to be sure.
  • She sits in the mirror and brushes her hair while singing.
This brings me to today. Cora was brushing her hair and singing in the bathroom. Lee and I sat contently on the couch talking like any other afternoon. The bathroom gets quiet. I hear a weird noise. We both stop talking and listen. This is where we made our first mistake.

Parenting Lesson #1: Quiet=Naughty. Don't wait to figure out the noise. Quickly intervene. Children are NEVER quiet.

Cora was in the bathroom right off of the living room, so I could hear a lot. Within 30 seconds, I connected the noise with something I am quite familiar with. It was the unmistakable sound of scissors snipping hair. Oh good grief! Sure enough, Cora had snipped off massive chunks of hair. Because her hair is thick, curly, and layered, it is kind of hard to tell just how bad it is. She is missing half of her bangs. It's a good thing hair grows. She thought she did a wonderful job. I have to admit, it is a lot of fun cutting hair. How could I be mad? I am just happy she cut her hair and not her ear or eye. Phew!

Parenting Lesson #2: To keep something "out of reach" from a toddler, you have to keep object out of reach from an adult. It is amazing what these little tykes can get their hands on. Note to self about medicine...the counter is NOT good enough.

Cora, you're missing massive amounts of hair!

Really? I think it looks good!

Looking good with my NEW HAIR DO!!!!

That's a LOT of forehead!

At least she can still show off her totally cool, hand drawn tats!