Sunday, June 14, 2009

Remember When?

Do any of you remember when I started complaining about teething? I am not too sure if I posted about this event, but it has been hell these past 2 months or so. Lee and I have spent many nights just holding her and trying to figure out new ways to ease the pain. It has been hell. If there was anything I could do for her, it would be taking away the pain of teething. I am so jealous of all of you parents who have children whose teeth came through relatively easy. :)

Today we have made progress. Her bottom left tooth has broke through!! Can you see it in the picture below?

How about now? I think you can click the picture to make it bigger.
I can't believe my little girl has a tooth. This has been a bittersweet day. The tooth broke through which is very exciting. But, the tears that came with were horrendous. She is a happy baby right now though. Nursing while falling asleep always puts her in a blissful state.

Lee and Cora went grocery shopping this morning and let me sleep in a bit. It was sooo nice. The ladybug balloon was a result of the shopping adventure with Lee. He bought it at the beginning of the shopping trip to keep her entertained. Smart man. I don't think Moms think of things like this. Probably because balloons would get expensive and overtake the house if we bought one for all errands. Haha. Either way, it was really sweet and Cora LOVES her balloon.

We have also been working on sitting up. Teeth, sitting...what is happening to my little baby? She is really cuter than ever, so I'm not complaining.

Oops. The camera caught Cora holding mom's hand. We're such cheaters.

She really likes the bugs!

Tummy time. She's getting better and better. As soon as she can put more weight on her arms, I think we'll have a crawler on our hands.

I love this picture. I need to catch one where she is holding her hands up for me to pick her up. She was way too busy playing here. :)

Off to Nebraska/Wyoming on Wednesday!! See you all after our trip!

Oh yeah. We had her 6 month check up on Friday!!
She broke the scales at 14 lbs 7 oz. She has moved into the 30th percentile from the 20th. Her length is 26 1/4 in (I think). She moved from the 45th percentile to the 55th. She's growing, but she's definitely still small. The pint sized beauty is still wearing her 3 month clothes!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Catching Some Zzzz's, Mom

Cora was a wee bit tired from daycare yesterday. I had her playing in her high chair while I was cooking and mashing up some food. I turned around to find her like this. She slept in this position for about 30 min. I was cracking up!

Side shot. Edit: Lee wanted me to add this was exactly what he looked like during school. LOL. Like Father, Like Daughter.

The highchair just engulfs her little body. I love her feet poking out in this one.

Close up.

Groggy eyes and a red mark on her forehead. This picture says it all.

Waking up a bit.

There's the smile. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Season Begins

Here are a few photos from the wedding last night. Lee did a wonderful job as emcee. Cora ate a LOT! She likes to nurse in new/uncomfortable situations. My dress functioned OK. I was constantly exposing myself in it. Oh well! LOL. I met the CEO and his wife of Lee's company. They were fantastically nice. Here are some photos.

Lee performing his emcee duties. He looked soooo fine is his new suit. You all wouldn't believe how many ladies were hitting on him. Cracks me up!! I can't blame them though. I'd be hitting on him, too. It's just a shame they don't know how bad he smells. Hahahaha! Seriously, though.

Cora catching flies. She upstaged the bride. Hee Hee.

Family photo!

Me and the Hubs.

The groom and groomsmen. Th groom is the 2nd one in from the right.

Me and my babe. Her shoes didn't stay on very well. I am holding one in my hand. They were quite cute. My shoes were totally hot, too. LOL.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Picture Time!

Wow! This week has been so busy I have hardly had time to be on the computer. Here is a quick photo gallery of the happenings in the Jeffers' Household the last week or so.

Lee made it home safe and sound from his canoe trip to Quetico Provincial Park. It sure looks like he had fun! This was definitely a man's man trip. Even if I'd been invited, there is no way I could have physically done it. In 4 days, they paddled over 100km! There was a lot of portaging (carrying canoes between different bodies of water) with some being well over a mile long. Holy cow!! And, of course, there was a lot of fishing. Lee loved catching the small mouth bass. The weather was pretty crappy. They had 2 solid days of rain...yuck. Most of the time it was cold, but there was at least one nice day. Lee's hands and face are nice and tanned!

Lee killed a grouse with a sling shot for dinner. Pat found a piece of wood that looked like a bird. Nice bird photo op, wouldn't you say?

The crew

Lee and I-don't-remember-his-name hanging out under the tarps.

Brrr. He just looks cold.

Lee during one of the many portages.

Sunset at Quetico. Beautiful.

Lee and Eric. Eric was the only guy Lee knew before the trip, but now he has a bunch more friends all over Canada! And, a few are married/engaged, and there are even kids in the bunch!!

Alrighty. Switching gears to my favorite little bug. :) Cora attended daycare twice this week. She had a rough first day, but Wednesday was way better. Hardly any tears! I almost think this has been harder on me than her. We went to the zoo yesterday with her daycare. It was a lot of fun but really really cold. I couldn't believe all the parents that didn't check the weather before we left. There were some cold kiddos and parents. Cora only showed interest in the spider monkeys. Other than that, she had more fun looking at the brightly colored signs. :) The zoo was pretty awful, but I have been extremely spoiled with the caliber of the Omaha Zoo. Here are a few random photos from the last couple of weeks.

Cell phone picture. Cora loves our cell phones and this picture captures her very intrigued facial expression.

Another cell phone shot of Cora on her play mat.

Cell photo of Cora and me when we woke up in the morning while Lee was gone.

Daddy reading Cora a story about polar bears after her bath.

One of the many photos I have taken of Cora and me snuggling.

Cora playing at daycare. This is right before I left. When I turned around and started walking away, she began fussing and lifting her arms up. Heart wrenching. :( She pretty much cried the rest of the morning but was much better in the afternoon.

This here is the aftermath of daycare. I took off her dirty clothes and was getting her diaper bag unloaded. I put her in her crib so she could play. She had started to roll over to reach her blanket. She fell asleep mid grab. Notice her binky fell out of her mouth and is laying by her chin. Too cute. She was exhausted!

Off to get ready for a wedding that Lee is the emcee of. Cora wasn't going to go (no kids invited), but the bride and groom said babies were welcome?.?. I am not ready for a babysitter quite yet. Cora is VERY VERY attached to Lee and me. Especially at night. So, we're all three going. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. If anyone is looking for a business opportunity, a store that sold stylish nursing dresses would be awesome! I finally found a dress I could nurse in at banana republic. It was quite difficult finding one. I hope it works ok.

Happy June 6th, everybody!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Cora went to DAYCARE! EEEEK!!! She actually did better than I expected. She was quite upset in the morning after I left, but she got better and better as the day went on. Lee and I dropped her off together. I stayed with her for about 30 min and then headed to work. I went back and she was pretty stressed out, but not crying anymore. You could tell she had been crying. Her caregivers are very good with her. Azar is so loving. She had her all wrapped up in a blanket and was feeding her a bottle. Cora was all cuddled into her. It was really sweet. And, Cora actually drank from a bottle for her. This is a big deal because Cora started refusing a bottle about a month ago. I was really glad she took it from Azar. It helped her to calm down significantly. I then fed her a bit more from my own buffet and rocked her. She slept on me for about 30 minutes. I stayed through lunch and then left when everyone was getting ready for naps. She took a 45 minute nap for them. She was in such a better mood when I picked her up at 3. We rode the train and bus home. She flirted with everyone on the train, and then quickly fell asleep on the bus. Once we got home, she ate a bit more from the 24 hour buffet and fell asleep. She fell asleep before dinner, bath, and story time. Little Thumbelina is a tuckered out fairy princess. :)

I had a realization today. It was such a "stop me in my tracks" sort of realization. I am a Mom. Yeah, that's right, a MOM. I have a child. A baby that is now part of a daycare. You might be thinking, "well, Duh. Are you stupid, Sascha?" When I picked Cora up from daycare, there were two take-homes in her cubby. This starts my realization. Oh my, I am picking my daughter up from daycare and she has daycare fliers for me to look over. The first one is a calendar for the month of June. It is labeled with things like "wear blue" on the 3rd, Pajama day on the 26th", "Zoo Trip" on the 5th, and "Bring a book about zoo animals" on the 11th. Oh my. I feel like it was yesterday I was in 3rd grade and bringing show-and-tell to my classmates. Is it possible that I am already old enough to be married and have a baby? Am I mature enough (obviously not if you have read most of my blog entries or have talked to any of my friends)? Are you sure I am really not 17 and this is a dream? Where has the time gone? I feel like I waited so long to find the perfect man to marry and then decide to have a baby. But, now that it is here, I often have to remind myself I am an adult. Maybe this is a negative effect of still being in college. Who knows. As weird as this blog entry may sound, I am NOT having a mental breakdown. Just realizing how incredible my life is and how lucky I am to have this sweet little baby. But, seriously, why me? Why did I get so lucky? So, you are probably wondering what the second flier is. Well, it is a Scholastic book order form!! Yes!!!!!! I loved these things when I was little. I remember how cool it was when Mom and Dad bought me a book from here. I was a nerd for a kid. I loved to read. Michelle, don't you be laughing right now. I don't know how many times I caught you up in the middle of the night with a flashlight under your covers reading. :) The books are so cheap. I am probably going to order Cora a few. She is really starting to be interested in books. I can keep her attention throughout an entire short book. She loved the pictures and she loves hearing our voices. So, I guess my realization was that I was a MOM and that the scholastic order form was for my DAUGHTER,  not me.

I am going to publish this without a picture. I have one from Cora's first day at daycare, but I haven't uploaded it yet. I'll post it tomorrow.

Good night, Everyone. Kiss, Hug, and Dream about those you love.