Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Season Begins

Here are a few photos from the wedding last night. Lee did a wonderful job as emcee. Cora ate a LOT! She likes to nurse in new/uncomfortable situations. My dress functioned OK. I was constantly exposing myself in it. Oh well! LOL. I met the CEO and his wife of Lee's company. They were fantastically nice. Here are some photos.

Lee performing his emcee duties. He looked soooo fine is his new suit. You all wouldn't believe how many ladies were hitting on him. Cracks me up!! I can't blame them though. I'd be hitting on him, too. It's just a shame they don't know how bad he smells. Hahahaha! Seriously, though.

Cora catching flies. She upstaged the bride. Hee Hee.

Family photo!

Me and the Hubs.

The groom and groomsmen. Th groom is the 2nd one in from the right.

Me and my babe. Her shoes didn't stay on very well. I am holding one in my hand. They were quite cute. My shoes were totally hot, too. LOL.

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'melia's momma said...

Nice photos!!! Try Robies (I think that's how it's spelled). They're very cute leather booty shoes that Amelia couldn't kick off!