Monday, June 1, 2009


Cora went to DAYCARE! EEEEK!!! She actually did better than I expected. She was quite upset in the morning after I left, but she got better and better as the day went on. Lee and I dropped her off together. I stayed with her for about 30 min and then headed to work. I went back and she was pretty stressed out, but not crying anymore. You could tell she had been crying. Her caregivers are very good with her. Azar is so loving. She had her all wrapped up in a blanket and was feeding her a bottle. Cora was all cuddled into her. It was really sweet. And, Cora actually drank from a bottle for her. This is a big deal because Cora started refusing a bottle about a month ago. I was really glad she took it from Azar. It helped her to calm down significantly. I then fed her a bit more from my own buffet and rocked her. She slept on me for about 30 minutes. I stayed through lunch and then left when everyone was getting ready for naps. She took a 45 minute nap for them. She was in such a better mood when I picked her up at 3. We rode the train and bus home. She flirted with everyone on the train, and then quickly fell asleep on the bus. Once we got home, she ate a bit more from the 24 hour buffet and fell asleep. She fell asleep before dinner, bath, and story time. Little Thumbelina is a tuckered out fairy princess. :)

I had a realization today. It was such a "stop me in my tracks" sort of realization. I am a Mom. Yeah, that's right, a MOM. I have a child. A baby that is now part of a daycare. You might be thinking, "well, Duh. Are you stupid, Sascha?" When I picked Cora up from daycare, there were two take-homes in her cubby. This starts my realization. Oh my, I am picking my daughter up from daycare and she has daycare fliers for me to look over. The first one is a calendar for the month of June. It is labeled with things like "wear blue" on the 3rd, Pajama day on the 26th", "Zoo Trip" on the 5th, and "Bring a book about zoo animals" on the 11th. Oh my. I feel like it was yesterday I was in 3rd grade and bringing show-and-tell to my classmates. Is it possible that I am already old enough to be married and have a baby? Am I mature enough (obviously not if you have read most of my blog entries or have talked to any of my friends)? Are you sure I am really not 17 and this is a dream? Where has the time gone? I feel like I waited so long to find the perfect man to marry and then decide to have a baby. But, now that it is here, I often have to remind myself I am an adult. Maybe this is a negative effect of still being in college. Who knows. As weird as this blog entry may sound, I am NOT having a mental breakdown. Just realizing how incredible my life is and how lucky I am to have this sweet little baby. But, seriously, why me? Why did I get so lucky? So, you are probably wondering what the second flier is. Well, it is a Scholastic book order form!! Yes!!!!!! I loved these things when I was little. I remember how cool it was when Mom and Dad bought me a book from here. I was a nerd for a kid. I loved to read. Michelle, don't you be laughing right now. I don't know how many times I caught you up in the middle of the night with a flashlight under your covers reading. :) The books are so cheap. I am probably going to order Cora a few. She is really starting to be interested in books. I can keep her attention throughout an entire short book. She loved the pictures and she loves hearing our voices. So, I guess my realization was that I was a MOM and that the scholastic order form was for my DAUGHTER,  not me.

I am going to publish this without a picture. I have one from Cora's first day at daycare, but I haven't uploaded it yet. I'll post it tomorrow.

Good night, Everyone. Kiss, Hug, and Dream about those you love.

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sunflowerlin said...

I can't believe life is so many years down the road already from high school and collge either! I've lived in Houston for 3.5 years and it still feels like I just moved here!

And don't worry I LOVED the scholastic book fliers too! I used to cirle everything I wanted that day we got them and then give them to my mom that night. I never got as many books as I cirlced! :)