Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Thumbelina

Yesterday, Aunt Jean and Grandma Jo referred to Cora as Thumbelina while we were talking via Skype. How perfect is this nickname for her?! She has always been our tiny, tiny little fairy princess. I think this nickname fits her and her personality to a tee.

I am sorry to say that this blog won't have any pictures to go with it. :( However, I have a quick Thumbelina story to brighten your day.

Cora was outside with me yesterday while I finished planting our garden and began the long process of weeding our yard. Dandelions are out in full force! As I was planting the last tomato plant, I spotted a lady bug. I wondered what Cora would do, if she'd even care, when I showed her the little red beetle. I had the little bug on my gloved hand and walked over to Cora who had been watching me ever so intently. I put the lady bug on the tip of my finger and let it run down towards my hand. When Cora gets excited, she opens her mouth really wide, her eyes get so large I'm afraid that might coming shooting out of her head, she has very loud shallow breaths like she can't quite catch her breath, and she shakes uncontrollably. It is quite the sight. The little lady bug brought on the full excitement in her little body. Just when I thought she was going to burst from excitement and not breathing like a normal kid, she burst into shrills and squeals a the top of her lungs. She was kicking her feet and reaching, straining as hard as she could to reach the bug that was furiously sprinting across my hand. About this time the lady bug took flight and landed on right in front of Cora on her exersaucer. Oh boy, did the fists come flying. She wanted the bug so incredibly bad. Thank goodness she doesn't have good eye-hand coordination and I was quick to scoop the guy up or it could have been the last of his days. I took the lady bug over to a nice blade of grass and let him rest. The excitement must have used up a lot of energy and resources because Cora wanted fed shortly thereafter. It was such a fun moment, and definitely one I'll never ever forget. She is sure going to like her birdhouse from Grandma Jo and the birdbath Daddy is going to get.

Well, we're going to get some lunch and head back outside for another fun day in the sun!

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