Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Land of the Saguaros

Cora and I made a last minute trip to Tucson, AZ to visit Michelle, Mya, and Santo. Michelle went into preterm labor and was stuck on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. She was feeling pretty crappy (both physically and emotionally), so Cora and I hopped on a plane to do some cheering up and helping out. It was a whopping 98 degrees when we landed. I thought I was going to melt. I quickly got used to the warm weather and have been freezing ever since I landed back in good ol' Alberta. We stuck around Michelle's house (totally cute, by the way) for most of the trip, but made a few excursions out...mainly to eat. Mmmmm Mexican food. I got my short term fix, but now I want more. Yummy!! Mexicans sure do know how to make a damn good salsa. I was able to see Santo's family whom I haven't seen in years. That was always a good time. But, mostly, I am really happy that I got to spend so much time with Michelle and Mya. Mya was such a good little helper with Cora. She is going to be a great big sister. She helped me check on Cora when she was sleeping. When Cora was fussy, Mya rubbed her back and got her pacifier. She used her own doll, Pearls, to mimic what Michelle and I did with Cora. We had such an incredibly good time with her.

Michelle was taken off the potent drugs the day before I left. I was glad to see her almost instantly get more energy. Her doctor gave her 2 weeks to go into labor (which hasn't happened, yet). She is scheduled to be induced next Tuesday, the 19. Her doctor, who I really liked, wanted Michelle to make it full term and then get that baby out. So, Maxon Troy will definitely be here on Tuesday!! Lee and I will be the proud Uncle and Aunt of our little nephew. I have my money on the 15, but we'll see. Michelle is still contracting, so it could happen at anytime. In fact, we almost went to the hospital while I was there because she was contracting so much.

Here are a few of my photos. I need to post a few that we took one night of all 5 of us. I'll do those in a separate blog. This picture is way out of order. Here is the day after we got home from Tucson. Daddy and Cora napping as they usually do. Pictures like these remind me how small she still is. :)

My new Ergo baby carrier. It holds kids up to 40 lbs. Mya loved it. I practiced with her since she can hold on better than Cora. Mya wanted to be carried in this thing. It is amazingly comfortable too.

My favorite cactus. Michelle drove me around for a quick trip one afternoon. Cora was sleeping so I got out of the car and spent 5ish minutes walking into the desert. It was spectacular. I'd love to do a lot more hiking and exploring there.

The hill is looking towards Saguaro National Park. The whole hillside is lined with saguaro cacti.

A cactus that I thought was just beautiful.

A saguaro. It takes 70-80 years for these cacti to grow their first arm. Saguaro cacti only grow in this area of the world and are very protected (and pretty endangered I am sure).

These were my favorites. I loved the blooms.

Jumping cactus. You don't want to get stuck by one of these.

The desert. This place was seriously beautiful.

In a car ride with Aunt Michelle and Mom.

She loves loves loves her toes. Doesn't she look like such a baby in this photo?

Cora throwing some gangsta signs.

Mya looks stylin' in her Dora sunglasses.

Cora the Ham hanging out in the rocking chair.

Michelle feeding Cora a bottle. I love this picture.

Mya loved helping Cora suck on her pacifier. If Cora didn't want, Mya sure liked having it. :) In fact, Mya hid this one from Cora for a good portion of the trip.

Mya hanging out in her old Bumbo. You should have seen her trying to get out.

Mya and Cora...sweet cousins!

Too funny to not include. Mya had Cora in a choke hold (not intentionally) and this was the camera shot that resulted in me running to Cora's rescue. Hahaha!!

Cora's official 4 month old photo. Sweetie pie.

She loves to suck in her bottom lip now.

Mya was great with Cora. She loved playing with her and showing her all the neat toys. She pronounces Cora's name as "Car".

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