Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crying Cousins

This video is not easy on the eyes nor ears. Mya and Cora hit it off from the first moment they sat on the floor and played together. One thing Michelle and I were not expecting was this. If one was laughing, the other laughed. If one was quiet, the other was quiet. AND, if one was crying, the other was crying. This video is the result from Mya having a toddler meltdown at the restaurant on Cora's and my last night. Michelle took Mya to the car while I gathered everything up and got to-go boxes for the lunch size portions we hadn't eaten. The whole time, Cora is fine. Happy, smiley, flirting with the name it. Then, Cora and I make it to the car where Mya is still screaming at the top of her lungs. Well, instead of Mya starting to smile like Cora, Cora started to cry like Mya. OH MY GOD! I thought Michelle was going to go into labor. We were both stressing. We were only a few minutes from the house, so this didn't last forever. When we did get home and opened the door, they BOTH instantly started smiling. ARGGGHH!! What stinkers! You can't see anything in the video because it was too dark, but all you need is the sound. Oh, and I can't tell you who is screaming at which times. Their cries...errr screams... really sound identical. Enjoy (or not)!

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Anonymous said...

That was horrible....I remember when you called when that was going on....almost brought tears then and all of the pictures...glad you were able to be with Michelle and Mya....oh don't forget Santo...

Love Grandma Brandis