Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kris Kross Will Make Ya JUMP JUMP

Here's to some Jolly Jumping fun. Cora loves her jolly jumper, if you can't tell from the video. ;) She is getting much better at it. The harness no longer completely engulfs her little body either. Speaking of little bodies, Cora had her 4 month immunizations this last week. Here are her stats.

13 lbs 7 oz (with a bulky cloth diaper, so she is probably an ounce or 2 less)--20th percentile
25 1/4 in long--50th percentile
Her head circumference was also 50th percentile.

So, the little tyke has definitely grown but she is still a pipsqueak. She has been extremely consistent since birth and grown at a very constant rate which is great! She turn 5 months old next week. I can't believe how time has flown by. Here are a few more pictures just because.
I want to eat the chair. The little area behind her is the play section of her new bedroom. It will soon be Dollhouse Central. I am sure Lee is going to build her the biggest, most fabulous dollhouse when the time comes.

This look gets her whatever she wants.

So does this one.

And this one. Who am I kidding? She has us wrapped around her finger.

I love her eyes.

Cutest face in the world.

We were all ready to head outside to enjoy the nice weather and it started to rain. Boo. Doesn't she look so sweet in her sunhat?

Mommy, are you watching how good I can play?

All smiles for the camera. After I saw this photo, I realized she needed the exersaucer raised a bit. She is getting so long!

This picture cracks me up every time. She is standing up really good in this thing. I love the determination on her face. We keep little toys on the counter that she can play with (tennis ball, rubber ducky, etc). She thinks it is really great to drop them through the leg holes at the bottom. You can see her pacifier down there now. What a stink! Oh, I didn't mean to put up a bunch of pictures of her in her exersaucer. I promise she doesn't sit in it all day. ;)

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