Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

Little Corabelle has starting eating solids!! Her doc said she was holding her head just fine to start solids at 4 months, but he said I could start anytime between 4-6 months when I felt comfortable (wow, that was a long run-on sentence! I am too lazy to reword it. Sorry!). Well, Aunt Michelle felt comfortable and had the rice cereal waiting in Tucson. Cora thought it was fantastic. Cora didn't have any tongue thrusting reflex and swallowed like a champ.

She is now eating two meals of rice cereal a day. Each meal is about 3 Tbls of rice cereal and some water to wash it down. She is drinking water out of both a regular cup and a sippy cup. What a big girl we have!

Here are pictures of Lee feeding her. The pictures don't do much justice. The whole time she eats, she is grunting, kicking her legs in delight, and farting. Too funny! For veteran feeders, I have a question. Why do dads make such a mess when feeding? Hahaha. Enjoy the photos.

Open Sesame
I'm doing good, aren't I, Mom?

Whoa, Dad! That bite was huge!!

Dinner plates for eyes.

Convenient for us, the previous tenants of our new rental left us a high chair.

I want more!!


On a side note, I added more songs to my playlist. Cora and I like to turn it on when we are chillaxin'. She really enjoys the old country and bluegrass. Or, maybe she thinks I am funny when I sing at the top of my lungs. Who knows?

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