Saturday, May 23, 2009

Woosh...Did you hear that?

I barely heard that. It was time flying by since Cora has been born. Today marks Cora's 5 months being an "outside" baby. Outside my uterus that is. :) Of course I have pictures to share. But first, let me update my readers on some new milestones.
  • She starting babbling. Dadadadadadada is her favorite.
  • She blows raspberries. Especially right before she gets upset.
  • She is now eating carrots and butternut squash. She loves the butternut squash and cries if there is only rice on her spoon.
  • She is teething. It is hell.
  • She is starting to sit up unsupported. She only lasts for a few seconds, but she is getting better and better.
  • She holds her arms up to me when she wants to be held. It tickles me pink. :)
  • She has started to giggle uncontrollably. She stops when I turn on the video camera. :(
  • She thinks it is funny when I tell her I am going to eat her. She shoves her fingers in my mouth. This lasted really long last night. She obviously didn't want to go to sleep.
  • She is insanely ticklish on her ribs.
  • She is starting to get moles! I noticed two freckles on her belly today. It was only a matter of time since her parents are very, very moley. :)
  • She is getting more and more coordinated with holding her toys. She is starting to reach out and grabs things while I hold her.
  • She loves having the breeze blow in her face. She thinks it is the best feeling ever and gasps each time.
  • Alright, enough of that. Here are some pictures!
This is what her fantastic hair looks like straight out of the bath. Sooo curly.

She was wanting the CD case. She had no idea how well she was sitting up on her own. Lee and I were shocked!

Look at that. No back support! It definitely helps the couch is soft and conforms to her, but still.

These were some fun pictures I took just because. I messed around with them on the my Mac. She is such a sweet little girl. Don't you all love how she puts her hands under her head when she sleeps. I really love these pictures because her sleeping pretty much sucks right now. Well, it sucks for me anyways.

I bought this dream soother thing to help her sleep. She really likes it. It definitely calms her, but doesn't put her to sleep. Only Mommy and my milk can do that. She can put herself to sleep for naps though. Thank goodness since she starts daycare in a week.

The other night, Lee and I awoke to hear her turning on her "fish tank". She continues to amaze us for how fast she learns. I'd like to see a babies brain developing. Wouldn't that be something?

And, finally, a picture to embarrass myself with. Lee made chicken fried steak (my favorite) the other night. I was having a pity party the night before about how I couldn't just go sit in a pub and have a beer with friends whenever I wanted. Boo hoo, I know. So, Lee showed up the next night to cook me dinner and had a 6-pack on Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale. When I sat down, he just looked at me like I was insane. He asked in a smart ass tone, "Are you hungry?" I quickly replied with, "Leave me alone. I breastfeed." He about fell off his chair laughing. I guess he didn't like my excuse for being a complete glutton. This is disgusting, I know. My only confession is that I am salivating looking at his picture. And, yes, I ate it all.

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