Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Catching Some Zzzz's, Mom

Cora was a wee bit tired from daycare yesterday. I had her playing in her high chair while I was cooking and mashing up some food. I turned around to find her like this. She slept in this position for about 30 min. I was cracking up!

Side shot. Edit: Lee wanted me to add this was exactly what he looked like during school. LOL. Like Father, Like Daughter.

The highchair just engulfs her little body. I love her feet poking out in this one.

Close up.

Groggy eyes and a red mark on her forehead. This picture says it all.

Waking up a bit.

There's the smile. :)


'melia's momma said...

sooooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cutest baby ever! I can't wait to see her. I love the little red mark on her forehead. She is going to be so embarassed of this blog when she grows up and sees it one day. I was thinking about how you recounted your story about when you went in for that professional photo shoot and she just took a dump as you were holding her. hahaha. You'll have to start censoring stories when she's 8... but not quite yet.

love, steph