Monday, January 24, 2011

Fish in Water

The picture below is one of Cora's latest creations. Nearly two weeks ago, Cora and I were stranded at school because the train electronics had malfunctions causing the bus system to get backed up. It was frigid cold...-15 without windchill. Lee was three hours away in Calgary but scheduled to come home that evening. I made the decision that Cora and I would wait in my office until Lee was able to pick us up. It was warm, and there was food. The first thing I did was give her a notepad and pen to draw. One of my labmates was asking Cora about her drawing. The conversation went something like this:

Rene: What are you drawing?
Cora (concentrating very hard on her masterpiece): It's a fish.
Rene: What? Really? Are you sure. I am not seeing a fish.
Cora (sternly looks at him): It's a fish!

A few minutes pass by. Cora is still intently working on her drawing.

Rene: Now what are you drawing?
Cora: It's water.

So, this marks the first time that Cora has told anybody what she is actually drawing. I was astounded to find out that it wasn't just a bunch of squiggles. I think it is a beautiful creation. And, it appears she might loves fish just as much as her father.

For good measure, I had to put a shot of Cora in the blog.

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Kim O. said...

I'd like to see Renee draw a better fish.