Friday, March 13, 2009

There is No Place Like Nebraska

WOWZA!! What a great trip we had! I don't really know where to start... How about I finish up Valentine?

In the last entry I was bragging about beautiful weather and picnics. In typical Nebraska fashion, we had a huge snow storm a couple days later. We had 10 inches of snow and it was FREEZING! We just hunkered down in the house and enjoyed ourselves with Cora, movies, and chatting. Here are some pictures.

Grandpa Jim and Grandpa Bob with Cora

Grandpa Bob spent hours repeating the word "Grandpa" over and over again. I wonder what her first word will be? Probably MEOW!

Cora was always cozy and calm with Great Grandpa.

Daddy making sure Cora doesn't roll of the bed while I run to the bathroom. Is it just me, or is Lee sleeping while on the job?

Grandpa Bill and Cora. Dad was able to spend some time with us because he was working so close to Valentine.

FOUR generations! Bob, Lee, Cora, and Dick

Aunt Anne and Cora just waking up from a nap. Cora still looks a little groggy.

Cora and Grandpa Jim playing.

Cora trying out the Bumbo chair with Dad's legs serving as protection.

We stayed a full week in Valentine. Lee was able to see some friends and we took Cora around town to meet "the locals". We really had an excellent time. :)

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