Monday, March 30, 2009

Early Bird Easter Presents!

Like I had mentioned in the previous post, we couldn't wait to give Cora her Easter presents. Here are a few with her new worm. She was really loving on it today. She started out on her belly laying perpendicular to the worm. As you can see, she was really wrestling with it. :) She can get frustrated with the big worm quite easily because she can't stuff the whole thing in her mouth. It is good for her to problem solve though.

Here are some photos of Cora in her Jolly Jumper. She definitely enjoys this. It will be great once she gets the hang of it.
Bouncing with one leg gets you nowhere when your other leg is stiff.

It looks like she is terribly bored in this photo. She does look sweet though.

Cora's concentrated look and pose. Her right arm does all the work while her left arm keeps the balance. Think of a bull rider.

The next photo is just sweet. She stared at Lee like this forever! His heart melted all over the couch that day.

Finally, a team picture of our curling team. Lee and I swapped between playing and taking care of the munchkin. A fun time was had by all. So much fun that Cora and I slept all day on Sunday. We were exhausted!!
L to R: Lee, Cora, Aaron, Jocelyn, Cathy, Sascha

P.S. Her eyes seem to be bluer than blue lately. Hmmmm.

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Sascha and Lee said...

Lee and I went square dancing once and it was a BLAST!! This curling gig is a once a year thing. But, it is lots of fun.