Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Lickity Split!

Our final stop was to my childhood home in Gretna. I was so excited once I got in my car to start driving (20 minutes) because I knew when I walked through the door I was going to see my little niece, Mya. Sure enough, there she was! Cora's cousin Mya, Aunt Michelle, and Uncle Santo flew from Tucson to see us. Her Great Grandma Dorothy also stopped for a visit on her way to Dallas to see Jessica and her boys. So, here we all were, sans Lee. I wish he could have seen his niece. She was hilarious! I spent most of Saturday night chasing Mya around the house. I scared her at first, but she eventually warmed up to me. I can be a bit over zealous. :) Michelle and Santo fussed over Cora, and Mom and Dad just bounced back and forth between their granddaughters. 
Grandma Brandis opening her birthday card from Cora and Mya.

Grandpa Bill and Mya going to fill up the cars with gas.

Mya realizing we were watching her tickle Cora's toes. She was also starting to mess with Cora's diaper. She then helped me change it.

Aunt Michelle and Cora relaxing while Grandma and I are on Mya duty. She kept us very busy.

Cora and Grandma telling each other stories.

Uncle Santo and Cora. She LOVED him.

Another picture Mya didn't want to pose for. :)

Mya didn't like her Daddy giving Cora all the attention. She wiggled her body in any way she could.

Tickle Tickle Kitty!

On Sunday, we had another baby shower type of party. Cora must be insanely popular because we had another great turn out. Thanks, Mom and Grandma Evie. It was fun and the food was delish! Mya and Cora had little matching outfits for the party and they both wore bows. Mya learned the word "baby" very quickly. She wanted to be held like a baby, she started to fuss like Cora, and she was determined to fit into Cora's car seat. It was funny. Michelle will have her hands full when Max debuts.
Mya had a really good time helping Aunt Sascha open Cora's presents.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Bill kept Cora happy in the bouncy chair.

Grandma Brandis admiring her granddaughters in their matching party outfits.

Matchy Matchy Cousins. Darn Mya still won't pose.

Monday, we all headed to the zoo. Cora slept through nearly the entire thing. Mya nearly walked/ran through the entire zoo. I couldn't believe it. She was a trooper! We were able to see Kay, but got there too late for behind the scenes. It's hard getting two babes ready and out the door. Next time we'll show Mya more. :)

In the tunnel of the aquarium. Mya loved the aquarium so much she threw a huge fit when we left. She even resorted to lying down on the ground and going limp. What a turd! I love her.

Shell Bell and Me.

Snoozing Cora and me in the new Butterfly Building. There were huge spiders from Madagascar roaming free all over in there. They stayed high though. :)

Mya and Grandma Brandis marching. Mya was desperately trying to touch the tarantulas through the glass. Eww.

Check out the butterfly that landed on Santo! Sooo COOL!

I really love this photo. The butterfly is still there. It really liked Santo's red jacket.

Mya even walked up one of the biggest hills in the zoo. She made a big deal out of taking huge puffs and sighs just to get us all to laugh at her.

Petting pygmy goats. Yep, Cora is still sleeping. What a sweetheart.

Trying to keep Mya away from the peacock.
Mya finally noticing the gorilla. Animals had to move or she couldn't see them. The gorillas and orangutans all put on good shows for her. :)

Say Cheese!

Mya, Cora, and Me in the Desert Dome. She really wanted to get the fish in the pond.

This entire vacation was so much fun. I wish I could have spent more time with everyone, but that is why we are coming back in June! I hope these pictures bring some more smiles to everyone's faces.

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