Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shots, Tears, and Angels

How's that for a title? You all must be wondering what in the world I am talking about! This posting should update me to the current time...9:24 St. Paddy's Day Night. Hmmm, come to think of it, I have never ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day. And I lurve stout beers. 

Cora and I made it back to Edmonton safe and sound. Lee was in Calgary to pick us up at the airport. We were both so glad to see him. I need to brag for a sentence or two here. On the long leg of our plane trip (4 hours), there were 3 infants including Cora and a handful of toddlers. Cora was the ONLY one not crying or fussing. She played, ate, and slept without a tear. Not once on any part of our flights did we deal with sore ears, over tiredness, or any other drama. She was PERFECT. OK, so that lasted more than a sentence. :)

Our first full day back in Edmonton was a major mile stone for all three of us. Cora had her first round of shots. I have been dreading them since I was pregnant. I have absolutely no fear of needles, blood, or anything else in this department. However, I 110% hate hearing Cora cry when she hurts. I seriously can't stand it. I am tearing up right now thinking about her many different cries and whimpers. Her hurt cry is so much different than the shrieking/yelling she does when she is hungry or bored. This hurt cry is more of a real cry with a belly ache that takes forever for her to get over. It is gut wrenching. The hurt cry doesn't need to be physical pain either. Sometimes, she cries like that when she needs held close (like in the car) or she is startled. She actually scares fairly easy. Our Cora is such a tender little flower. Ok, Sascha, get back on track. So the shots... Lee held her in his lap. She had two shots in her left leg and one in her right leg. The shots were DTaP-IPV, meningcoccal, and pneumococcal.  She cried when she got the shots. The nurse was quick and efficient. I grabbed her as soon as the nurse pulled the third shot out of her leg and immediately started breastfeeding her. I probably had my breast out and ready before the first shot even went in. She was fine as soon as she latched on. It was probably more traumatic for me than it was for her. No blood, no bandages. I gave her a dose of Tylenol as soon as we got home. The next day I gave her one more dose of Tylenol because she was fussy and I wasn't sure if it was her legs or gas. We also gave her a bath the second day because the water is supposed to be soothing. She never seemed to be stiff or sore, but Lee and I were hyper aware of being extra careful when changing her diaper and clothes. I am so proud of her.

At this appointment, we had her weighed and measured. Here are her stats.
10 lbs 9.75 ounces
22.75 inches long

She remains around the 50th percentile for length. Her weight was great! She bumped back up to the 25th percentile after dropping to the 12th. Yay Cora! You are one growing girl. Tomorrow we head to the pediatrician's office for her 3 month check up. I'll update everyone. Here is a picture that Lee and I wanted to share. This is a little outfit she has that is now fitting. Is this not cute or what! Our little Angel. 

The butt flap really opens. :)

Tomorrow, I plan to catch up on emails. Sorry to everyone who has emailed/called and I haven't gotten back to them. I am just really stinking tired. The trip must have finally caught up with me. Lee's helping tonight and tomorrow so I should have time to sleep in and such. 

Until next time!

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Joel, Paula and Amelia Frantz said...

What a trooper Cora is! Amelia is 2 1/2 now and we have yet to prick her with a single shot. Maybe we're crazy Californians and we probably read too much but have decided not to do any vaccines until she's 4 and to pick and choose the ones we actually have done. I guess it makes me feel like I'm more "in charge" of the whole thing. Oh, and good job on the plane - I bet the other parents were totally jealous!!