Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If Cora was a trout...

...We'd keep her. Her 6 week check up went pretty good today. Other than looking 110% adorable, she is a pretty healthy little baby. And, when I say little, I mean little. She is still smaller than I was when I was born!!

Here are her stats:
8 lbs 8 oz
22 in long

Dr. Galante was overall impressed with her progress this last month. Her hips look good. She is doing super at putting weight on her legs. She is getting so much better at propping herself up on her forearms while lying on her belly. Her length is in the 55th percentile. Her head circumference is just above average though I can't remember the measurement. Her weight is lagging. She was supposed to be at 8 lbs 12 oz. You might not think that is a huge difference. I mean, it really is only 4 oz. The kicker is she should be gaining 6 oz a week. So, she is nearly a week behind in weight gain. Dr. Galante is not worried at this point. He said she could simply just be a long, skinny baby (I was after the 3 month mark). I am taking her to the health clinic tomorrow to get a weight and then taking her again next week. If she hasn't gained 6 oz in that time frame, we are back at Dr. Galante's office to talk about fattening her up. You might wonder what I am doing in the meantime. Well, I am feeding her. Dr. Galante said is was so incredibly important that I feed her whenever she wants it. If she is sucking on her fist or pacifier, feed her. If she is crying, feed her. When she wakes up, feed her. Let her go to sleep while feeding. In the last couple of weeks, I have let her cry too long. I should never have allowed her to cry for more than a minute, but I'll learn. She is still a very healthy baby and very, very strong. On a side note, I am glad to say her cries are not the only ones that make me cry. Another 2 week old baby was crying in the doctor's office today and my eyes were instant faucets.

These next two photos along with the one at the top were taken with my camera phone before we left for the doctor. I have to say, I love to dress her in yellow and blue. Today, she was a little ray of sunshine in her yellow sleeper and yellow bow. The photos aren't great quality because of the camera phone. My regular camera's batteries died a couple days ago. :(

On Monday, I took Cora to apply for her passport. I learned a couple things from this trip. The first thing is her carseat is really, really heavy. We rode the train so I just put her in her carseat and took off. Bad idea!! My forearm was a little bruised yesterday. We also had the car, so we went to visit Lee at work. He was so happy to see his little Cora. I am sure the surprise visit made his day. The second thing I learned is Cora loved being outside. She was very intrigued by the new scenery. There was not a peep out of her sweet little mouth. February has been unseasonably warm. In fact, it has been above freezing! So, after visiting Daddy at his work, we went to Babies R Us and bought a stroller!! It is all put together, but the only test run has been around the house. I still prefer to carry her (sans carseat) unless we have a long way to go. Today, I put her in my mei tai wrap and we jumped on the train to go the doctor's office. She loved being close to my chest and slept the whole way there. On the way back, we decided to walk. Again, she slept the whole way. We had so much fun! When Lee came home for lunch, we threw her in the mei tai again and headed to the coffee shop by our house. Great lunch and even better company! 

More low quality photos taken with my camera. These two pictures were taken the other night while Cora and I were hanging out on the floor. These were taken during a break of playing with her rattles.

A quick note about the previous post. I had a lot of people ask me about the purpose of the green cloth draped over Cora's shoulders. The reasoning was the photographer wanted contrast between her clothes and the background. I am not sure why, since I thought passport photos focused on the face. Maybe it made her face stand out more??


Joel, Paula and Amelia Frantz said...

Such a beautiful little thing - I don't think I could ever refer to her as a trout but, maybe that's your thing. I so love reading your updates!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful little girl, as you know!!!
I love the video's.....
Molly Finley