Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skinny Minny

I always post pictures of Cora dressed in sleepers, so I thought I'd give a everyone a good look at the skinny little body she has. She is starting to get some pudge, but as you can see, she is still one skinny minny. These pictures were taken right after she pooped all over herself. I stuck her in the sink and she LOVED having her bath in there. It was too funny. I wish Lee would have been home with the video camera.

The next set of photos are just to prove that, although she is always cute, she is not always smiling.

Hi Mom, I'm trying to smile. Just give me a sec.

OK, here is my "I'm just totally adorable" side eye glance.

Seriously, Woman. If you were quicker with the camera this photo session would be done with.

I told you I am getting tired of this. Just take my fussiness clues and hold me!

You just went TOO FAR! ENOUGH!! 

Disclaimer: Baby Cora only cried for 5 seconds before she was held and fed. I just had to get the photo. :)

Notice her hair is changing. She is losing her newborn hair, but the infant hair is coming in quick! No bald spots. She had some really nappy nasty stuff in the back, but that is almost gone. Isn't the color great? It is light brown with a lot of auburn undertones (even possibly some strawberry blond). I bet it will bleach out just beautifully in the summer. Of course, this is right after a bath when it is clean and shiny.

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Anonymous said...

It had better just been 5 poor little sweat pea!! she needs her grandma brandis!!!!!