Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

First, a little non-Cora news. Today marks Lee's and my first date 7 years ago. I really snagged a good catch then, didn't I? I may be really bad at flyfishing, but I sure can boyfish. So, what are we doing to celebrate? Having dinner at home of course!! I really hope he was as big of a space cadet as me on this holiday. I completely forgot about it. No card. Oh well, it will make up for him forgetting my card on our anniversary last year. Just so nobody starts throwing tomatoes his direction, he did find out we were having a baby on that day. I am guessing his mind was...elsewhere.

I always find myself chuckling at this photo. I was freezing, but I wanted to impress that boy of mine. Oh, God, the lengths I went to... Needless to say, after I knew he'd stick around I only went icefishing when Moritz was there. He had a hut and heater. :) And, no, that is not open water behind us. Just really clear ice.

What else?? Oh, the blog is different. I was getting bored with the bird. I did love that blog design, but it didn't seem personable enough. I couldn't think of a catchy title that really encapsulated the three of us. So, instead, I dropped the title, changed the background, and added a family photo. This picture was taken by Iasha Tryhuba of Photos by Iasha. I just got the prints back on Thursday. I can't believe that just 5 weeks ago my little baby was that small. Which brings me to my next topic.

I can't believe that just 5 weeks ago my little baby was that small. It is incredible how fast the little boogers grow. When I was pregnant, I made a promise to myself. I wouldn't wish for the day when she was just a little bit older. You know how you can get anxious with things. I caught myself thinking about her first day of kindergarten when I was pregnant! Second, I would relish every second I have with her "in the now". This way, I won't look back to pictures and feel like I missed a part of her life. Yes, it stuns me to look back at photos taken a month ago compared to today because you don't notice growth over time. I knew that part of her life cycle was going to be over ridiculously fast which is why I made such a huge deal out of newborn photos. So many people said, "Why would you get newborn photos? All newborns look the same and I think most newborns are pretty ugly anyways." Well, tell a mother her baby is ugly, too skinny, too fat, etc and she may kick your ass into next year. For me though, these pictures are a representation of Cora's first days out in the world. It is a part of her I will never forget, but it is also a part of her I will never have back. This point has really dragged on, hasn't it?

I think I will close with a couple more photos.
These are side-by-side shots of me and Cora. I am about 2 weeks older than her in this photo. I think Mom still has these outfits, so I am going to take a similar picture of her when I get home. Crap, I think we might still have that blanket.

P.S. The health clinic is closed on the weekends, so I don't have Cora's weight update yet. Oops.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Sascha I believe I still have the blanket also....I will look for everything before you get here...Love the new look...