Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally some pictures ;)

As I've promised for over a week now, we have pictures! I am officially 37 weeks and 1 day. That means I am full term. This whole pregnancy has gone by crazy fast. Lee and I did some, I mean buying... on Saturday. I think we are locked and loaded for C to arrive. Tonight is the hospital tour! Lee and I are super pumped. We both forgot about our breastfeeding class, so we'll have to wing that one. I am sure the nurses, friends, Internet, and family will be plenty of help.
Belly picture at 37 weeks. If I look huge, it is because Lee cooked the most fabulous turkey dinner yesterday. ;) I thought these were funny because you can see how much my belly changes throughout the day. The first one was taken this morning by Lee. My belly looks really saggy. The second one was taken this afternoon. My belly looks so much higher! I think she nestles down into my lower belly during the night because I am always sore in the hips when I wake up. I think I may soon need a crane to hoist my butt out of bed. Lee isn't much help. I think he finds my grunts and groans amusing in the morning. Although I've been getting a lot of back and foot rubs lately.

The car seat we decided to buy. We liked this one for a gender neutral option. I can't tell you how badly I wanted the pink cherry blossom one.

The "organized" change table. I think we finally have everything we might need. The bunny on top is a gift to Cora from Mommy and Daddy. We realized we hadn't bought her something special, just necessary items.

Lastly, these are the 4 fabrics for the crib sheet. Lee helped me pick them out. The green one on the bottom is the completed crib sheet. The blue and purple/green/cream ones are flannel while the other 2 are cotton.

We almost have our hospital bags packed. Since we'll only be a few minutes from home, we're not planning on taking a whole lot. If our stay is longer than normal, Lee can go home for more things. Normal stays in Edmonton are under 24 hours. They like to get you in to the comfort of your own home. Nurses do housecalls to check on things.

I am feeling quite good. Today is a bit of a swollen day, so don't inspect my feet. Hahaha. We see the doc on Thursday, so expect another update around at the end of the week. Despite feeling good most of the time, I have some very hormonal days. I completely broke down on discovering more stretch marks! I know that stretch marks come with the territory, but why can't they give me a bit of a warning. I found ones on my belly the day after the doctor told me I was measuring small! I think this is some kind of mean joke mother nature is playing on me. Kind of like the stretch marks on my boobs yet I am still wearing the same bras as I had before I got pregnant. Explain that one!

Alas, it still hasn't snowed in Edmonton. My birthday is Saturday and it doesn't even feel like winter yet. Bah Hum Bug! I think I will get Christmas set up the weekend of my birthday. That way Cora can come home to a house ready for the holidays! Enough of me droning on and on. Happy December to everyone!

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