Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's the Final Countdown!!

It is definitely time to update this blog. I am just about finished with my 36th week of pregnancy. This is exciting for 2 reasons. The first being I have officially entered my 9th and final month of pregnancy. That is of course assuming I don't go too far over my due date which will send me full speed into my 10th month. The second reason is that I will be full term this coming Sunday! Yippee!!

We had our weekly doctor appointment today. This is probably the first doctor appointment that was a complete success. My blood pressure was high...123/87. Yeah, I know that isn't in the extremely high range, but I have normally have low blood pressure. I have been hanging right around 105/75 the entire pregnancy. My mom has a history of preeclampsia and a first sign is high blood pressure. Needless to say, my doctor is taking some precautions.

On top of high blood pressure, my uterus (and therefore Cora) is measuring at least a full week behind. It has been right on this whole pregnancy until now. Alone, all of these symptoms aren't huge problems. However, with my family history (genetics) and all symptoms happening at once, my doctor is not taking any chances.

Enough of the downer news!! Let's focus on some fun stuff!! The most exciting news we currently have is that we found a photographer. She is great. I can't wait to see the pictures she'll take of Cora. Her website is Site 2 focuses only on newborns while site 1 is newborns, babies, and kids. I love the fact that she takes both black and white and color photos. So many photographers I found only did b&w. While I love b&w (especially for newborns), I really love color for babies and kids. AND, a photographer who shoots beautiful color photography probably knows how to use their camera better. Anyways, check her site out.

More great news is that I have finished my first sewing project using a machine. I made a crib sheet for Cora's crib. Of course, I could never have done this without the teaching and mentoring of Eva. She is so dang crafty! The bird mobile is almost done as well. This weekend, we have to have the nursery done with the recent medical "issues". Looks like we'll be busy. Or should I say it looks like Lee will be busy? I am definitely taking things easy.

My birthday is right around the corner and lucky me has already received my first gift. Mom and Dad bought me my very own sewing machine!! It should get here on Tuesday, so I'll be able to sew up the other 3 crib sheets. Thanks Mom and Dad! I can't wait.

Of course, I don't have any pictures to post again. Lee will take some of me and my belly in the next couple days. I'll get them up ASAP. I'll also post some nursery pics.

We hope everyone had a delightfully delicious Thanksgiving. Lee and I are going to try for a small one on Sunday. Hope we're not too tired. :)

May the next blog entry be soon and a bit more witty. I am tired tonight and can't think of anything too funny. Other than Lee doesn't know how to park in a metered parking spot... We will always be the rednecks from Wyoming. You can take a boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of a boy.

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