Friday, November 14, 2008

University of Wyoming Flashbacks

What a busy week and a half of baby stuff we have had!! First off, on Saturday, we had our prenatal class. That was loads of fun (note the sarcasm). Then came our 34 week doctor appointment yesterday. So, I'll start with class.

We had this class from 9-4. LOOOONG day! It started off really well. Lee and I were actually on time! As we were waiting, I was telling Lee that at least one dad will pass out because of the graphic nature of the childbirth video. I was making up everything, but he was taking the bait. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to handle it. Lee just kept bragging that he had already seen one during sex ed in high school. Yep, Gretna still thinks babies come from storks I guess. :) The first half of the morning went by smoothly and the childbirth video was great. I actually enjoyed watching it and now feel even more confident in my abilities. We all stood up to head out for a coffee break and some dude barely made it to the door before he passed out and whacked his head on the table. I had never seen anyone pass out and this guy was down for the count. Kind of scary for the first 30 seconds and then tremendously funny for the next 10 minutes (after we knew he was OK of course). Lee and I were the 12 year olds in the corner biting our cheeks and trying not to laugh. The highlight of course was his very, very pregnant wife pushing wussy husband out of the room in a wheel chair to see a doc upstairs. They didn't come back. Say it with me...BRUISED EGO! Hahaha.

After break came breathing techniques. I got absolutely nothing from this part of class. Not because of the instructor, not because I don't think breathing works, but simply because my husband could not stop making jokes and saying absolutely ridiculous things. I couldn't focus because Lee was constantly asking me what I was focusing on and then suggesting I change my focus to some other object. The dads were also shown ways to massage the lower back in the event of back labor. Hopefully Cora faces the way she should during labor and we can avoid this situation because we'll fail miserably. Turns out, Lee cannot follow directions. Oh wait, I already knew that. When Instructor/Nurse/Lady said to press with the palm of hand, Lee tickled with the tips of fingers. When she said to push thumbs in a downward and inward direction on my lower back, Lee was rubbing circles on my shoulder blades. AHHHH! Seriously, Lee? And to top off the morning session, a quote from every one's favorite comedian, Lee. "Look at all these keeners. They're taking this child birth thing so seriously!" Hmmmm? Should be an interesting day when I go into labor. But, if he can stay in his funny ways, we should be fine.

The afternoon was pretty uneventful. I learned some tricks about caring for a newborn that I hadn't heard from my Mom yet. Also, important things to stock our medicine cabinet with. Vitamin D supplements for the baby is highly recommended up here because of how short the days are! I would never have thought. Although I would guess my pediatrician would have filled me in. I am not sure Lee got as much out of the afternoon session. You might ask why? Well, Dear Lee was fast asleep in his chair. I about died. I understand the room was warm and the info may have been dry, but really? Was a snooze necessary? I pushed him so hard he almost fell out of his chair. Now that would have been funny!

The whole day reminded us so much of the good ol' days as students back at UW. It is good to see that Lee, the one who dresses in a suit for work, hasn't changed a bit. I am sure Caitlin and Brendan will get a kick out of reading this section. They saw Lee in his finest form during classes at UW. I was only lucky enough to have him in one or two courses. The stories and memories are all flooding back.

On to topic 2. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love my OB/GYN? Dr. Tankel is the best. He doesn't sit in the examining room and dwell over every detail. He tells me what I need to know, answers my questions in depth, and always always always gives his honest opinion. AND, he is funny. He is South African, but has lived in Canada for about 10 years I believe. He has the most unusual South African/British/Canadian accent. It is just great.

Anyways, I had my 34 week check up yesterday. We have started to get to the end. I only have 4 appointments to go until my due date. I have one every week starting at 36 weeks. This was my first pelvic exam to check the position of the baby and to see if I had started dilating. Good news is no dilation (I DO NOT want to go before I am full term). And, Cora is head down and very low for this point in my pregnancy. Warning: details here have freaked some out. Dr. Tankel could feel her head! I thought that was totally cool.

Her heart beat has slowed down which is a sign of nearing the end. She was at 142 bpm yesterday. Everything was right on track! I am trying really hard to keep my blood pressure down since my mom had pre-eclampsia and it is inherited. Michelle didn't get it, and I haven't shown any signs of it yet. My blood pressure has been low throughout this pregnancy which has been very comforting.

Dr. Tankel also referred us to a pediatrician. We will be going to Dr. Galante who works about 5 blocks from where we live! Dr. Tankel and his wife also go to Dr. Galante. He sounds like he is just like Tankel, so I think we'll be a good fit.

As a nice note, Dr. Tankel said Lee and I are one of his favorite patients. We've had an easy pregnancy and he said it is because we are the most chill couple ever! In all seriousness though, this pregnancy has been great probably because I am lucky. Yes, I feel pregnant. Very pregnant. But I have had minor swelling in my lower legs that I helped by putting my feet up, no heartburn, no morning sickness (sorry Linds) and a very supportive and understanding husband. Yes, I have hormonal mood swings like you couldn't believe, achy joints, bad skin, and so much more. But, all those are normal to pregnancy. I've been pretty lucky. Hopefully Cora is as good of a kid outside the womb as she's been inside. It's a toss up though. I was angelic (ask my parents) and Lee sounds like he was, well, a boy. Ralphie from A Christmas Story to be exact. :)

I don't have any exciting pictures this week of us, but I did get some of my niece, Mya. She is adorable! I think I would be doing a disservice to blog readers if I didn't post some of these photos.

Mya was Pebbles for Halloween. She really got into the pumpkin carving, but it took her a while to realize the pumpkin was not a chair. My sisters dog, Gar, is now with them. Mya loves Gar. She even cries when he goes outside without her. Michelle now has to leave the back door open so Mya can follow Gar wherever he goes. I can't believe my little niece will be a big sister in 6 1/2 months! Michelle and Santo are expecting another! Should be a good looking kid based on the photo below. :) Wow, Santo, you are one zexy man. Michelle, are you ready for a hyperactive, blond hair, blue eyed, mini-Santo?

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