Friday, November 7, 2008

Cue the gray hair. Lee had another birthday!

Yesterday was Lee's 26th birthday!! His birthday is always such a circus for me. I have never in my life met someone whose birthday is truly their favorite day of the year. Cute? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely. I always stress out about gifts and such because I know how much he loves this birthday. But, when in doubt I rely on the trustworthy item that always make him happy...knives, guns, and fishing rods (see previous post). This birthday was no different other than I was pregnant.

I had big plans to surprise him with a nice dinner, MJ's famous chocolate birthday cake, presents, and dressed up wife. I was going for the whole works. On top of that, I wanted him to come home to a nicely cleaned house. I had my work cut out for me. I have been taking Tuesdays and Thursdays off to rest because I get so worn down, so it worked out perfectly that his birthday was on a Thursday.

Well, the day got off to a horrible start. First, I decided I was going to shave my legs so I could wear a dress. My God, that was hard. I was pissed and bleeding from nicks. Cora was pissed because I kept squishing her. That sucked. I decided then I would just wrap my hair in a towel and lie down. Well, I fell asleep. Surprise, surprise! When I woke up, I only had about 3 hours to clean, bake a cake, go to the grocery, get ready, cook dinner, wrap his presents. I got the vacuuming done while the cake was baking. My hair didn't even get combed. The presents got wrapped. And, Lee went to the grocery with me and helped me cook his own dinner and finish the cake. I was fighting back tears when he came home, but he was just happy that I at least tried. The whole time I was singing in my head Deana Carter's Did I shave my legs for this? Old country song.

Lee getting ready to eat! We were pretty full after this dinner.

Me serving up the dinner. The apron looks like a muu-muu. Hahaha.

Everything turned out OK though. The pork chops were a bit dry. We added too much milk to the frosting, but it still tasted delicious! And, the presents were a success. I bought Lee some work shirts with ties to accompany. He also got a "valet tray". Translation: man jewelry box. He is starting to get quite a collection of cuff links so I thought he needed a place to keep them and his watch and loose change. And, finally, he got a Rapala fish fillet knife. Can you guess which item he was most excited about? Hahaha.

Lee looking stylish in one of his new shirts and tie. He wore this outfit to work on his birthday. :)

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Cora Madison? Well, Lee's and my 26th birthdays will be the last birthdays that we celebrate as a married-only couple. I will probably just make my 26th birthday sans baby. I guess there is a chance that she could be here before December 6th since I will be full term on November 30. Either way, next year will be a whole 'nother story. Cora will be nearing a year old so I am sure we'll have a big bash planned for Lee's first birthday as a Daddy. Hopefully we can execute!

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