Saturday, November 1, 2008

50 Days and Closing

Today we saw we only had 50 days left until December 21! 50 DAYS!! The feeling of impeding panic, excitement, and relief all balled into one is what we felt today. Poor Lee is getting so anxious. He just wants to hold his baby girl.

We received a gift of 2 books in the mail today from Mary Jo. One of the books is titled Walter, the Farting Dog. I wish everyone could have seen Lee's eyes light up when reading the title. After hearing a 30 minute long story about how he had planned for months how to get a BB gun when he was eight to seeing the pure delight while he read about a dog that farted, I realized I truly married a boy at heart. I am constantly rolling my eyes at him and calling him a dork (probably what would have happened had we met at the age of 10), but I love every moment watching him relive his boyhood. Cora has a great Dad.

So, we (mostly I) decided the nursery needed a few changes. One, I really wanted a white a rug. Two, we had to find a new chair. I absolutely hated that wretched glider I mistakenly bought on Craigslist. So, now we have both. We replaced the red rug with a white version in the same style. The red rug moved to the living room. We also bought the Poang chair from Ikea. It is fantastic. It doesn't rock or glide, but it bounces. I have already used it to put Cora to sleep. I think it will work fantastic! Here are some pictures.

The changing table is in desperate need of organization. I am getting there. I need to come up with some savvy ideas for storage and organization since we are lacking a closet in this room. I have some storage boxes to store rarely used items under the crib. I am absolutely obsessed with this room. I could spend all day in here just looking. Tomorrow, Eva and I are going to the fabric store to get fabric for crib sheets. I plan to finish up my cleaning tomorrow morning, so I can work on the bird mobile. Maybe I'll get close to finishing and that can get hung soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Last, I want to leave you with a picture or two of Cora's coming home outfit. I think it is just darling. It has been sitting out waiting for her to put it on for a couple months now. Only ~7 more weeks. Eeek! Where has the time gone?

This second picture is for pure entertainment for myself. I have started to notice my belly getting in the way of daily activities more and more. Somehow, it managed to sneak into the picture here.

We hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Halloween. I am especially looking forward to Thanksgiving (hmm, I wonder why...FOOD). Edmonton still has no snow! I can't believe it.

Until next time...

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Lee's mom said...

Sascha, Here you are already well into your first year of Motherhood. She's not an arm-holder just yet but very soon. ((: Time will slip away now and when you least expect it, the moment will be upon you. It is really an exciting time. Talk about a paradeim shift. The family is anticipating Cora's arrival with great anticipation. The blog-share you've been providing is great. Thanks and love, Grm. Jo