Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Birthdays!

This last weekend was my 26th birthday. Lee took me to a fabulous rotating restaurant called La Ronde Friday night. We had such a good time and ate incredibly good food. We both had wild mushroom and pheasant crepes for the starter. My entree was white-tailed deer and Lee had bison ribeye with half a lobster tail. It was a little bit interesting getting dressed for this date. I needed pantyhose because it was cold, but of course mine don't fit. Well, they weren't supposed to fit, but I made them. HOLY UNCOMFORTABLE! I thought I was going to die. Note to self: Next pregnancy, buy thigh-highs. At least my legs looked tight and sexy. Hahaha! Here are a few pictures.

As you can see, Lee can really wine and dine. He's always taken me out for really incredible birthday dinners every year since we've been together. Well, with the exception of last year when I was playing in Antarctica. The best part of my birthday dinners is I never know where we are going. I'm glad I get to celebrate so many more birthday dinners with him. I am already looking forward to a babysitter, bottle of wine, and good food next year. Bring it on 27!

Lee also gets me very sweet, thoughtful gifts for my birthday. My first birthday that we celebrated, he gave me the pearl necklace I am sporting in the pictures. It was also the same one I wore to my wedding. This year, he gave me a framed print of The Singing Butler. It is gorgeous!

We had planned to walk over to the Legislature Building on Saturday to check out the Christmas lights. Guess what? It was RAINING!! Can you believe it? December 6th and it was raining in Edmonton, Alberta! Lee made fajitas and popcorn balls and we hid inside for the rest of the weekend. There is finally snow on the ground. I was starting to get worried, our Little Winter Baby wasn't going to come home in snow. Hopefully, this snow sticks around and the flakes keep falling. I love the winter, especially since I don't drive anywhere.

This next picture had Lee and me in stitches. Lee swears my belly looks fake. I guess my belly is living up to the "watermelon" inside. It really does look like I am hiding something under that dress.

Hopefully we'll have another birthday to celebrate soon!

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