Friday, December 12, 2008

Single Digits!

Yep, you read the title right. We are in the single digit countdown. Only 9, NINE, 9 days to go until December 21! I will probably go past my due date, but it is still fun to be in single digits. We've been doing quite a bit the last couple days to try to hurry this labor thing up. Eating curry, long walks, and tobogganing. Ok, you're all right. I can't fool any of you. Of course we haven't been taking long walks since it is much too stressful on my body. :)

We finally put the carseat into the car. We were really thinking that was going to be a huge milestone in getting ready for the baby. It turned out to be incredibly boring and didn't live up to any of our expectations. Woo Hoo! We're driving around with an empty carseat! Maybe I should stick a stuffed animal in there for a while. Puppy? Where are you?

Now, for the big news. We had our biophysical profile ultrasound yesterday. The results are in....drum role please.... Mom and Baby are A-Okay. Of course we are. I really wasn't doubting it. I did have my hospital bag in the car just in case, but seriously I didn't expect anything to be wrong. Cora just decided to be ornery the last couple of weeks and "appear" smaller on the outside. Our little Houdini. She is measuring back to 37 weeks this week. Already a stinker.

Cora's weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz according to ultrasound measurements (good size for 38.5 weeks). I am thanking the pregnancy fairies/gods/whomever-may-be-concerned that she is not a behemoth of a baby. Phew. In case all y'all didn't know. I was a fat, huge, butterball baby. So fat my eyes squinted shut. U-G-L-Y!. Hahaha. Of course my Mom doesn't think so. But, really, I think my sister takes the cake for ugliest baby I've ever seen. She looked like a cross between and alien and a frog. I can write this because she doesn't have internet nor a passport, so she can't kick my butt. She created an incredibly cute kid, so there is hope for me.

It was interesting to see Cora on the ultrasound this late in the game. She still appears to have some plump lips on her. Lee swears she's going to be a runner. Her thigh bones seem so long! She will be a runner if she has her dad's gazelle-like legs and her momma's coordination, agility, and grace. Sorry, Lee, but I can kick your butt to the moon and back when it comes to sports. Anyday, anywhere. :) He also never reads the blog, so he won't know of the threat. Hahaha.

I have officially started laboring! The doctor gave me a boost by "stretching" me. DAMN! Did that feel good or what! Next week should be a lot of fun with Dr. Tankel. My cousin, Rosita Posita, is coming on Tuesday. We're going Edmonton club hopping when she gets here. If Cora is here, Lee can watch her. She'll be a few days old by then hopefully. If not, maybe the liquor will be enough to send me into labor. Hahaha! No, we are planning dinner on Wednesday with some friends that are still in town and then heading to the Legislature to look at lights and listen to the community choir. Seriously, the lights are freaking awesome! And, we're decorating the tree on Tuesday night. We'll play it by ear the rest of the time. If Cora is mega late, we might head to Ft Edmonton to go on a sleigh ride. I am so pumped for her to come. I haven't seen my Red Feather cousin since my wedding! In fact, I have only been lucky enough to see 2 of my cousins (Paula and Zach) this year. Poor me. I puffy heart my cousins.

Seriously, I am going to see if the Sears guy has came yet. Hopefully the next entry is titled I'M IN LABOR!!! Bye for now.


Rosita Posita said...

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

I'll be your "Labor Secretary" and keep peeps posted on your dilation!

Molly Finley said...

Hello Sascha~
Its Molly Finley from John Day, friend of your mom...just stopping in to say Hi. It won't be long and you guys will be "mom and dad"
Good Luck and I'll keep checking back here ....
Take Care and I wanted you to know this is a great "blog" pics and all!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this little bundle of joy has not arrived yet!!!
Merry Christmas!
Molly Finley
John Day, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you guys!!! I understand that you're home and doing good...glad to hear that. And Momma Brandis is coming soon...she's very excited to see this little angel!!
Take Care~ and enjoy~~
Molly Finley

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to see pictures!!! Congrats Lee and Sascha! Love you both and Cora Madison as well!
your cousin Sarah