Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Morning Hoppiness

Easter morning at the Jeffers' household was quite fun. The Easter Bunny was very good to her. She got a Mr. Potato Head, 2 dresses, sunglasses, side walk chalk and candy. Grandma Brandis also sent her a dress, two movies (Tangled and Bambi), and more panties. The Easter Bunny must have been lightheaded after visiting our house because he also blew up 25 balloons! Cora is such a lucky gal. There were 6 plastic eggs hidden and she ended up finding 5 of them. Pretty good for a 2 year old.

Can you spot the Easter eggs? My ironing board has become a living room staple...

Cora won't take off the twirly dress from Grandma B. She didn't wear it to bed, but she had it on within moments of waking up.

She loves her sunglasses.

Already an outfit change!

Have you ever wondered what happens to a two-year-old on a sugar high? Wonder no more. Easter Bunny chocolate turned out to be a great breakfast for my favorite blondie.

Easter morning began around 6:00am MST. By 8:00am, the quiche was almost done baking, the toys had been played with, every new outfit had been tried on multiple times, and we were almost done watching Tangled. Lee and I also shared a pot of coffee trying to keep up the Sugar-High-Belle. It was a wonderful day.

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Kim O. said...

I want whatever was in that Chocolate Easter Bunny!