Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 And A Quarter

Remember when I wrote that I wasn't going to be doing the monthly couch updates with Cora and instead do one every three months? Those three months sure whizzed by! On March 23, 2011, Cora turned 2.25 years old. :) That sounds so funny. A "quarter" birthday. And, I thought half-birthdays were ridiculous.

It is going to be a lot of fun to write Cora's milestones list this time. She's grown and developed so much since her 2nd birthday! Here it goes:

  • Her favorite color is RED. Lee and I were surprised for two reasons by this. 1) We would have bet our life savings that her favorite color was pink. 2) Where did she learn her colors? She definitely knows red. I was on the bed indulging Lee in some of my favorite quilts that I would love to make someday. This, by the way, is Lee's most favorite morning conversation. ;) I was showing him this quilt
    when Cora jumped up on my lap and says, "I like RED!" while pointing to the red portion of this quilt. Lee and I instantly asked her what else was red on the computer screen and she pointed out every red button and picture on the computer. We were impressed.
  • She is starting to enjoy different books and movies. This might seem kind of strange as a milestone, but it is HUGE for Lee and me. I had Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop memorized from reading it over and over and over again. Now, she'll pick a book out of her book case that she's never read! Huge, I tell you!!
  • Her speech is really coming along. A lot of her words still sound like gibberish, but every day she is making more and more sense. Some of her favorite phrases are:
    • I'm a MONKEY!
    • I love you. (the best)
    • Ewwww. Yucky!!!
    • Mmmmm. Yucky!!! (She obviously doesn't understand the meaning of yucky)
  • She is also singing and it is sooo cute! She is camera shy now-a-days so we don't have good video. The only video we have is Lee hiding trying to video tape her voice in the dark. Her favorite songs are:
    • You Are My Sunshine
    • Rock-A-Bye Baby
    • Skitter Ma Rink
    • Row Row Row Your Boat

  • She is nearly potty trained! She is still wary of going #2 on the toilet. She instead asks for a diaper which is totally fine with Lee and me. She also still wears a diaper while she is sleeping because she doesn't have the ability to hold her bladder while sleeping. We started potty training over Christmas and it has gone really well.
  • She is just shy of 36" tall and weighs about 30.5 lbs. She looks incredibly tall to me.
  • Dancing is an every day activity in this house hold. Cora is learning how to move different body parts separately. She can wiggle her hips while moving her arms.
  • She can distinguish between a moose and elk. You all have no idea how proud this makes her biologist mamma and hunting daddy.
  • She throws the worst temper tantrums. She is incredibly "independent" right now. If she doesn't want to do something, she is not going to do it. Some examples are not taking her coat off at restaurants, not wanting to sit in the shopping cart, not wanting to wear clothes, etc. We have decided to choose our battles accordingly. For example, she always has to have her hair combed. Every morning she fights it, but I will not let her leave the house with her hair messy. Of course, it kills me that she doesn't want it pulled back all the time. I hate messy hair. However, I let her wear her rain boots to bed. She loves shoes and I really can't find a reason why it is awful for her to have her shoes on in bed. By choosing our battles to what is most important to Lee and I, I feel as though we don't sit and tell her no all day long. This strategy has certainly lessened all of our stress levels.
  • She has two favorite outfits.
    • Her hokey pokey skirt
    • Her Cindy Lou Who halloween costume
  • She is starting to "read" to herself. She will sit in her bed and read her stories to herself. It is the sweetest thing to listen to. 
Now, the part that most of you are waiting for. Cora's 2.25 year old couch photo session. She hasn't been loving the camera lately, so this photo session doesn't have a whole lot of smiles. It was also taken after her hair cutting incident. And, of course, she has on her favorite rain boots.

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