Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go Away, Snow.

Here we are on April 12th, and we still have quite a bit of snow. Our back yard has at least 2 feet of packed snow. Ugh. The front might be worse though. The snow is gone however there is a nice layer of snow mold. I have a feeling this mold is the cause of my sudden allergy flair up. I think poor Cora is suffering from it a bit too. The temperature have been hitting the 40's most days, so we've been trying to take advantage of the sunshine as much as we can. Regardless, most days are still not very nice relatively speaking. I thought I would post some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

Reggie got a good spring brushing. It was unbelievable how much hair came off of him. It was also unbelievable how much easier it is to keep the house clean. With the consistent temperatures hanging out in the 30's, he'll be getting groomed here real soon.

Cora is really into these rain boots, if you can't tell.

We have also been having some fun with the tube.

Somehow, we both fit in there.

Cora is also helping me with my quilting. She is very good at pinning fabrics together whether they actually need pinned or not.

Reggie also likes to help sew. He is the designated comfort tester. He loves to lay on any and all fabric. This quilt is going to be 7ft by 7ft. We needed one the whole family could fit under.

Lee scooped the rest of the snow off the porch. We are trying to pretend it is nicer out there than it actually is.

Cora saw a bunny and decided she needed to catch it. Off she went. Her little body was able to stay on top of the deep snow.

Well, almost. She made it quite far trying to capture the snowshoe hare. She eventually fell through the top crust of the snow and couldn't get out. You'd think she would have been upset about being stuck. Nope. She was crying because the bunny left. She kept saying, "Bunny. Come here. Come back. Bunny." We had to spend the next five minutes explaining the bunny went home for dinner and she also had to go home to eat. She eventually understood. I think.

Can you see her in this picture?

How about now?

Surely you can now. That is her stuck. Lee had to go get her. Every step he took was knee deep in snow. I was laughing too hard to take pictures of that.

It turns out that afternoons of running in the sunshine make for a very tired toddler. Luck for me, I got to join in on this nap a few moments later.

I had high hopes for a really nice week of weather. The forecasted temperatures are quickly dipping. Boo. We still have Friday to look forward to regardless of the weather. Lee and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. A dear friend is watching Cora for us. We have dinner reservations at La Ronde. Lee took me there for my 26th birthday only a few weeks before Cora was born. I am quite excited to be going back. We'll be sure to take a couple pictures.

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