Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spring Time Giggles

Oh, neglected blog. How I have missed you.

I'm a wee bit embarrassed that I haven't updated the blog since Easter. We haven't done a bunch of things, but we've certainly done enough that is going to take a couple posts to update my dearly devoted readers. I thought I'd kick this post off with two videos that crack me up.

This first one is of Cora watching Bambi for the first time. I love her deep belly laugh. This video gives you all a bit of a preview. She was laughing a lot harder before I turned on the camera. She gets a bit of stage fright.

The second video is one Cora took of herself. Lee and I had no idea she was video taping herself. It cracked me up when I saw it a few days later. She is quite the little kid.

Lee and Cora helped me celebrate a low key Mother's Day. Lee grilled a fantastic dinner and then we headed to the park to fly our kite. It was a perfectly windy kite flying day.

 Maybe Cora could get a summer job as the Poop Fairy?

 Cora loves the city park.

 Reggie even got in on the kite flying fun.

 We got the kite way up there.

 Cora tried her darnedest to get that kite back up in the sky. It might have been easier if the kite wasn't bigger than her.

Cora the Kite Flying Queen! We had a blast.

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