Sunday, June 19, 2011

Travels Sans Bebe

Lee and I have done a bit of traveling without Cora this past month. We went to Miami and Key Largo for a convention through Lee's work. Cora stayed in Edmonton with Grandma Jo and Aunt Carol.

Since this is Cora's blog, I'll start with her. She had a wonderful time. They spent so much time at the park, went swimming, and read a lot of books.

She was speaking much better when we got home. She must have needed to "use her words" to get things from Aunt Carol and Grandma Jo. She was pretty good at squeaking and pointing for things she wanted.

As for Lee and me, we spent all day every day on the beach. Really, we did. The first day, we snorkeled down in Key Largo. Funny enough, we only took 2 pictures during the entire vacation. This isn't the type of vacation Lee and I would normally take. We're not much into huge resorts, but it was a nice change of pace. We read a couple books, swam in the ocean, and ate as much good Mexican food as we could.

We were some of the whitest people in Miami. I think this was the first time my legs had seen the sun in 2 years. We had a great time snorkeling. We saw tons of different types of parrotfish, lots of barracuda, and Lee got stung by jelly fish.

While in Miami, Lee read that if you spent 1 hour just beyond where the waves break would have been withing 5 feet of a shark. We spent all our time swimming just beyond where the waves break looking for sharks. Obviously. We saw something rather large and dark, but I think it was a ray. Neither one of us had the guts to reach down and grab it. :) Turns out, the day we left someone got bit by a shark. Supposedly it left a hickey like mark and didn't break any skin. That would have been a heck of souvenir to have brought back. You can bet your bottom dollar we would have taken more pictures if that would have happened. :)

When we got back, we spent a couple of days with Mary Jo and Carol before they headed back home. We went to the farmer's market and showed them my new building on campus.

A short time later, Lee hopped in a rental car to drive to Washington State for another meeting.  While there isn't much of anything interesting to tell you about this trip other than wrecking the rental car (he's fine but the car wasn't in good shape), the place he stayed was beautiful. He stayed at a place called Cave B in central Washington. He said there was nothing to do except enjoy the surroundings. It was a small vineyard with a mineral pool close to the Columbia River. Sounds nice to me.

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