Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Birthdays!!

Wow, this blog is so overdue. I am still talking about Cora's birthday! Eeek! We we're gone over from Christmas day until Jan 4 and the pictures will follow this entry. :)

Cora had two more birthdays since the I posted the entry about her little party. She had a little party at daycare and Lee and I had a small celebration on her actual birthday. I'll start with daycare.

I was shocked to see just how much Cora has developed and grown since starting daycare. I often spend a few minutes playing with her when I pick her up, but I rarely watch her interact with others there. Turns out she is kind of a Queen Bee. She is no longer the youngest, but she isn't of "walking" status yet either. However, you'd think she has been there for years and it was HER turf. I got there about 15 minutes before they brought the food cart in loaded with bananas and a birthday cake. As soon as Cora saw the food cart, she was yelling and chasing Nahid and Azar (her caretakers) around. She then crawled over to the table and started crawling into her chair. The other kids could care less that afternoon snacks had just arrived. They all went right along playing. Nahid and Azar were laughing and saying how much she loves her food. Boy, are they right! As the food was cut up, the other kids patiently waited for their food. Not Cora. She was putting her feet up on the table and growling. Nahid kept telling her to take her feet off the table. She would put her foot on the ground and 5 seconds later try with the other foot. Let me add, she wasn't being naughty at all. She was just demanding because she loves food. All food. It was a grand little party and Cora loved her cake and bananas. She was the first to the table and the last to leave, and she ate every last crumb. The only babe to finish her snack. :)

Cora's Birthday outfit. Stylin' gal.

Aren't babies sitting at mini tables the cutest thing you've ever seen? Both the boys are a few months older than Cora.

Feet on the table and grumbling under her breath. That's our girl. :)

Singing Happy Birthday to Cora.

The lucky babies got their chocolate cake before their bananas. This was a big treat!

Lee and I had a quiet little celebration for Cora's birthday. It was a really busy day cleaning up our last rental property, so we decided to take the Belle out to eat. We went to a favorite restaurant here in Edmonton, Asian Village. Asian Village has tremendous East Indian food. Lucky for Cora, they even had the chocolate fountain running! After dinner, we headed back home to open a few more gifts and head to bed. It was a lovely evening.

Cora riding her rocking horse. She didn't want to get off to open her presents. She had no idea what she was in for.

So determined to get into the box.

Despite all the fun, she was tuckered out after her long day.

Cora and Zambi the baby elephant that Daddy and Mommy got her.

Cora giving Baby Stella kisses. She got Stella from Grandma Jo, a bathtub for Stella from Aunt Anne, and a cradle for Stella from Aunt Jean.

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