Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Wonder?

Ever since the moment Lee and I met, we often daydreamed about our future together. We set goals and dreams that we would like to one day achieve. They aren't outlandish or crazy. They are real and they represent us and what we believe. My favorite times with Lee are when we daydream. We talk about what we hope our future holds and what would make tomorrow more perfect than today. I decided to make an "I Wonder" blog entry because every time I look at Cora, I wonder.

I wonder when I'll wake up one morning and realize that I have a child. My very own daughter. One that is a direct descendant of Lee and myself on so many different levels. Cora coming into this world was such a natural, obvious next step for us that it has never seemed surreal to have her in our life. It has always felt right. Like it was meant to happen exactly how it did. Some days I do wonder why I was so lucky to get such a beautiful, happy, healthy, intelligent little girl (I say this as she is completely stuck under the chair. LOL!).

I wonder where we'll be living in 3 years.

I wonder if I'll ever take pictures of anyone or anything other than Cora (or other kids) again. ;)

I wonder what kind of career I'll have when we decide to leave Edmonton.

I wonder where Cora's first backpacking trip will be.

I wonder what Cora thinks when she sees Lee and myself.

I wonder if she'll be a ballerina, a chemist, a tennis player, an indie rock musician, a contemporary artist, a naturalist, a botanist, or any of the zillion other things she could possibly be. I am not in any hurry to find out though. I do sometimes imagine coming back to the Edmonton Folk Fest to see her perform. LOL. That would be me trying to live my dreams through my child. I always wanted to be a rock star.

I wonder when she'll stop growing so rapidly so I won't have to do monthly photo shoots on the couch. Or, am I going to be that mom who makes my 14 year old sit on the couch and smile for a round of pictures 12 times a year? Gah!! We'll never be able to get rid of this couch. LOL. Note to self: Next time, use a stuffed animal next to your child for month-to-month growth comparisons. ;)

With that, I'd like to present Cora at 13 months old! What a little looker she is. Honestly, the biggest change I notice in her over the last few months is how long her hair is getting. Her cheeks seem to be getting chubbier and chubbier, too. She's our little chipmunk.

Those eyes get me every time.


Peek-a-Boo Mom! I see you!!

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