Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Great Big THANK YOU!!

Cora has added three words to her vocabulary. In order of appearance,
1. Dog (sounds like Dah)
2. Thank you (watch video)
3. Dada. She sat at the window the other day watching Lee leave. She was screaming Dada and pointing. It's a good thing Lee didn't see this. He wouldn't have left. :( She does say Mama, but we haven't seen Cora make a good association between myself and her saying Mama...yet. :) Until then, we won't count it.
Lee and I have only counted words that she has actually used in context or it is obvious what she is saying. With dog, she points at dogs and says dah. It's obvious what she means. Thank you took us both by surprise. I handed her some food from the fridge and she said thank you. Lee was sitting there and we just kind of stared at each other. She has continued saying it either in response to us saying it or when we give her something. She also says it if she gives us something.

We definitely have a polite little girl on our hands. I also think she is trying to say hello. She holds the phone to her ear and says Raw Roh. Pretty soon, she'll be walking and talking. My baby really is no baby anymore. :) The pictures here are really just a hodge podge over the last couple weeks.

I braided Cora's hair for daycare. Can you believe it stayed in all day?

Lee is quite the comfy guy to sleep on.

This has to be one of my most favorite pictures.

She loves sitting on the window sill. It is the perfect height for her.

It isn't possible to have a bigger grin.

We had some friends over for egg rolls the other night. She was hooked on James for the night. She showed off by riding her horse right next to him and leaning over to smother him with kisses. It was pretty cute.

Her affections could have had something to do with the fact that James was playing with her quite a bit.

Cora has figured out that she can use my sewing machine as a stool to sit on. It is just high enough that she can watch the snowshoe hares outside.

Lee and Cora reading "Walter the Farting Dog". This is a pretty fun book. :)

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