Monday, December 21, 2009

The First of Cora's 1st Birthdays!

Cora had a little birthday party on Sunday with her BFF, Avery. We ended up doing the Winter "ONE"derland theme. While I had many great ideas for this party, we ended up running out of time to do most of it. However, the party was fun and perfect for little girls. Lee and I cut snowflakes and hung them around the house. We made snowflake quesadillas (chicken, cheese, and avocado) for lunch. We made snowmen out of construction paper. Cora only wanted to eat the glue. The party favors were these neat little crayon tote bags and finger-knitted scarves that my Mom made. We had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting that were delish! It was a lot of fun.
Cora with her party hat sitting at her new table.

Kim and Avery

The birthday crew minus Lee (photographer). L to R: Kim, Cora, Rory, Avery, Sascha

Craft time!

I told you she wanted to drink the glue. It was closed. ;)

Showing Daddy her very cool snowman. LOL. I don't want any joking comments about my art skills.

Daddy showing Cora some of the snowflakes we made the night before. We stayed up until 1am cutting them. We were going to spray paint them with glitter but lost motivation. It was actually a lot of fun and we're thinking about making it a holiday tradition.

The first snowflake quesadilla. Success!!

Kim helping Avery and Cora eat their quesadilla.

Present time!

Helping/Teaching Cora how to open birthday gifts. Avery is patiently waiting.

Avery gave Cora the neatest gift. It is a laser machine that beams stars onto the ceiling. You can adjust the cloud cover and everything. The stars move as well. It is so neat!!

Birthday Cake! Lee and I didn't want Avery to feel left out so we put a candle in her cupcake as well. This candle crackled a bit. The sound and the crazy flame scared her to death. Poor thing. She soon got over it. The chocolate changed her mood real quick. Cora, on the other hand, just wanted to touch the flame.

Cora was getting antsy. She wanted that cupcake.

Cute, curly blond girls before they got too messy.

Isn't that just cute?

Avery is learning to share. She enjoys sharing so much that she wanted to feed her Dad straight out of her mouth. Yummy.

Cora was lovin' the chocolate cupcake.

The are starting to become comatose from the sugar and chocolate. Rory referred to this as Chocolate Zombies. :)

She really got into it after a while.

Avery was a somewhat cleaner eater.

How much cupcake can Cora fit into her mouth at one time. I think you all would be surprised!

Cora's first birthday was so much fun! Thanks to Kim, Rory, and mostly Avery for making her birthday party so special. :) She had another party at daycare. I'm getting tired, so I'll post pictures of that tomorrow. Wednesday is her actual birthday so we'll have a special afternoon/evening with her. I love our little girl more and more every day. We can't wait to share her with out family for Christmas.

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