Friday, December 18, 2009

We're Back!

We have definitely been MIA the last 2 weeks or so. That is because we have been super duper busy. We have moved (mostly) to a new townhouse. We absolutely love it. Our internet just got hooked back up earlier this week. Thank goodness. Now I can finally blog again. I have been busy with school, and Lee has been busy with work. Now, we're busy getting ready for Cora's 1st birthday. Say it with me, "HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL! WHAT HAPPENED TO 2009?"

Here are some pictures to update you of our past 2 weeks.

Cora was introduced to citrus. Turns out she loves oranges.

This was the night that we were moving. Cora fell asleep like the good little girl she is, but I had no where to put her. Into the basket she went.

The first photo of our new home. This is the view of the living room from the kitchen. These are the first installments of our new place. More to come later (one's with furniture).

Looking towards the dining room from the living room.

The Kitchen. Big Red Truck.

Looking upstairs from the entry way.

Looking at the entryway from upstairs.

Master bathroom.

Cora's new bedroom.

We are almost moved in. We have had some small difficulties with this move. Problem 1: We first received about a foot of snow. Problem 2: The temperatures then decided to dip to about, oh, -50. I am not exaggerating. Problem 3: The extreme cold didn't allow our vehicles to start for about 5 days. Sooooo, we will officially be moved in by Sunday night/Monday morning of this coming week.

Look how big she is getting!

Cora loves riding her horse.

Hippy Baby has the munchies.

The best for last. :)

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