Monday, November 23, 2009

Melt My Heart, Please??

I have added a video of Cora's sweet kisses and hugs. She is such a cuddle bug! Here are some other pictures for everyone to enjoy that Lee and I have taken over the last couple of weeks.

Such a wascally wittle wabbit.

This is a picture of Cora's new car seat. It is a Graco My Ride 65. She loves it and Lee and I love it. It rear faces up to 40 lbs and then forward faces to 65 lbs. She was just about to the weight and length limits in her infant carrier, so we finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. She giggles when she has to sit in it. We are very happy so far with our purchase. As you can see from the photo, she is starting to look like a toddler. Just a little bit.

This picture was taken on Lee's 27th birthday. Cora gave him two books. My Daddy and Me and Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop. This was late and Cora is barely awake. :)

Yummy. Who wants some spaghetti??

Nap time on Daddy. I love this picture. It really shows how golden her curly locks are, how plump her sweet little lips are, how rosy the apples of the her cheeks are, and how beautiful her eyelashes are.

We finally have graduated from the exersaucer. She spent a couple weeks playing underneath. She was a nice little girl and gave it back the Jen and Corey for their new baby-to-be.

These are pictures of fabric I bought to make Cora a couple dresses. The first dress is a reversible. The turquoise dot is the trim. I absolutely love the paisley. The second picture was originally supposed to be her Christmas dress. Well, I couldn't pass up the butterflies. The fabric is gorgeous. This will be a pillowcase style dress.

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