Friday, November 27, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas! Christmas is in full swing here in Canada. It is a little bit weird having Thanksgiving in October. Every part of the holiday season is really thrown off for Lee and me. The Christmas stuff all came out October 31! We decided we would celebrate American Thanksgiving by taking Cora to the mall to meet Santa Claus. Lee and I were just a wee bit excited. She was in a great mood. She laughed in line. She babbled at the other kiddos. She giggled as I carried her up the stairs to Santa's big throne. Then, I sat her on Santa's lap. All was NOT well in Happy Cora Land. She cried. She screamed. She belly ached. She was more than upset. We all laughed. It might have been even more funny because the kids in front of her all cried and the kids behind her all cried. Poor Santa. I kind of wanted to slip him a 20 dollar bill for being a good sport.

Happy Cora waiting to meet Santa.

VERY Unhappy Cora sitting on sweet Santa's lap.

Cora loves to practice her walking (if you can't tell from her huge grin). This was post-Santa so you can see it didn't take her long to get over her dislike of Santa.

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