Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Last weekend we headed to Jasper, Alberta to meet up for a quick visit with Aunt Carol and Uncle Larry. This was Cora and Great Uncle Larry's first meeting. I have to say, I think he was pretty smitten with her. Cora was still mesmerized by Great Aunt Carol. We all had a grand time. They were on holiday traveling through the Canadian Rockies and into Montana. We had an absolutely wonderful and relaxing time. We rode the gondola up Whistler Mtn, checked out Athabasca Falls, sat in the sunshine on the banks of Lac Beauvert, ate wonderful home cooked food, drank fabulous wine by the fireplace, and had wonderful conversation. What more could someone want in a weekend? Here are a zillion and a half more pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Cora taking a ride on my shoulders. She thinks this is great fun.

Enjoying the view from the Gondola.

The whole gang on the Gondola.

Lee, Cora, and myself high on a mountain top. The town of Jasper is in the distance.

My little family at Athabasca Falls.

She loves being outside.

Daddy showing Cora moss for the first time.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I wish this picture was on video instead. She was squealing in delight and kicking her feet.

Lee, Cora, Larry, and Carol checking out the Falls from above.

Daddy and Cora with Athabasca Falls behind them. I love this place!
Great photo!

We're in Canada now, eh?

Cora with a Mountie. Lee and I were just discussing how we were going to celebrate Cora's nationality when we leave Canada. This picture will always be a good memory!

Cora and Mommy having a good time!

Walking back from the island at Pyramid Lake

The fam with Pyramid Mtn in the background.

Cora, Great Aunt Carol, and Great Uncle Larry.

Cora and Carol having fun in the wind at Pyramid Lake.

I LOVE this picture!

Playing in the glass door with Cora Bear.

We had so much fun. Thank you Carol and Larry for the good memories! We hope you had a great rest of your trip.

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'melia's momma said...

Such fabulous pics!!!! I love that you add so many for our enjoyment. It looks like a nice place to be right now as I sit in 100 degrees. :)