Monday, August 17, 2009

Folk Festing!


This year, my Dad came up to attend the 30th Annual Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I have gone for small portions of this festival since I arrived in Edmonton. This year, we bit the bullet and bought tickets for all 4...I mean 5 DAYS! Normally the folk fest is a 4 day event with folk music from all corners of the world. This year was special. There was an additional night added to the festival featuring TRACY CHAPMAN and SARAH McLACHLAN! The additional concert was a fundraiser for the Folk Fest Endowment Fund which is in place to help struggling folk fest so our children and children's children can enjoy fantastic music for years to come.

The other great part of this week was having my Dad here for just over a week. We had a great time, but I think Cora had the best time. Cora definitely has herself a new bud. They ate cereal together every morning, which is something I will always remember doing with my dad. Grandpa Bill also taught Cora all kinds of fantastic new tricks. We definitely have a louder child since he has left. Thanks, Dad. :) She sings, but it comes out as a very strained yell. She does her own indian yell with her hand. She waves ALL the time. She used to hold her hand to her forehead and wave. Now she waves properly. She gets all sorts of excited about balls and balloons. Grandpa, the sap, was letting her have anything she wanted at the grocery. We came home with yet another mylar balloon. I think we will have some spoiled grandchildren here in the future. We went on walks and took advantage of the few nice days. It rained a bunch, but the weather was splendid for the music.

Here are pictures of the folk fest and plenty of photos of Cora playing with Grandpa Bill.

Grandpa putting Cora down for a nap. Eyes wide open!

A "kiss" from Cora

She loved bouncing on her ball.

She's almost pulling herself up in her crib. Time to lower the mattress.

The city skyline from a park by our house.

My turn for kisses. Yes, I am pulling away. She is all slobber and tongue!

First night of the folk fest
Brr. It was a bit cold.

But, Cora slept anyways.

And then it rained. We stuck it out and Cora kept sleeping.

Tracy Chapman!!

The crowd at night. There were 20K people attending the folk fest each day. 2K could fit in the beer gardens and there was always a wait to get in. :)

Toughing out the weather. It wasn't too bad. Just chilly!

Sarah McLachlan!!!!

First time she held her bottle.

My Dad.

There is food all over her face!

Checking out the view.

Another view of the mainstage with the city in the background.

Mortal Coil. These chicks rocked! The danced the weekend away on those massive stilts.

Cathy and Cora

Playing with her homemade rattle.

Showing everyone how she can pose for the camera. She really does!

Distant view of the folk fest.

Taking a nap in the shade. It did eventually warm up.

Cutie pie with Grandpa Bill's hat.

Here are just some quick snippets of videos from the first night. These are for you, Michelle. She has loved Sarah McLaclan since she was little. I took three quick videos of her just to rub it in your face. :)

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'melia's momma said...

So great that Ugly Bill could come for a visit! Our Dads are such terrific Grandpas!!! My Daddio will be here for a few days in Oct before we all go to Disneyland - more on that to come, I'm sure!