Monday, August 3, 2009

Giggles and Sunshine

We bought Cora a baby pool about a week ago to try to beat the summer heat. All 4 days of the heat. This summer has been pretty mild. Our little fishy loves the water.

Her new pool with a whole new assortment of toys.

Trying the sunglasses again. They lasted 30 seconds. She is starting to pull hats off her head as well.

Cutest butt in the family.

Hey Mom.

Cora has also become extremely mobile this last week. We need to start babyproofing. It is amazing how fast it happens. Here are some of her first pictures. She went straight for the outlet. At least these ones already had plugs in them. What a rascal.

We also bought Cora a little ball. She has a bunch of these at daycare, and I have noticed how excited she gets when she sees them. Lee and I saw one at Toys "R" Us, and figured it would be a good addition to her toy collection. Success!! I also thought she looked incredibly cute in her Nike zip up. The cloth birds are ones I made for her mobile. I obviously haven't put the mobile together yet. She really likes those as well. My friend Eva, who made her quilt, helped me pick out the fabric to coordinate with her quilt. I really like how they turned out.

My Dad came up to visit for a little over a week. The primary point of the trip was to see his grandbaby. We also planned the trip for this time because we are attending the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I LOVE this festival. I have a feeling, my mom and dad will be back next year for it. My dad is a bit of a music buff, and this is his kind of music. We are all excited. The folk fest is kicked off on Wednesday night with SARAH MCLACHLAN and TRACY CHAPMAN! We then have 4 straight days of music with the likes of Boz Scaggs, Bela Fleck, The Wailers, Chumbawumba, the Northern Cree Singers, Rodney Crowell, and so much more. Here are a couple photos from Dad's first day with Cora as well as bath time. It was a bit humid so her hair was extra curly.

And finally, a video to put a smile on any one's face. Lee can always get her laughing.

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