Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Heart City

We took our first big road trip with Cora Bear (Lee's new nickname for her). And by big, I mean really really big. We drove all the way back to Valentine, Nebraska to attend Lee's cousin's wedding. That's about 20 hours in the car with a 6 month old baby. Needless to say, I was certain it was going to take a while. Why did we drive anyways? Well, for those of you that don't know where Valentine, Nebraska is, it is about 3 hours from the nearest airport. We also wanted to stop in Laramie, Wyoming to see Caitlin, Brendan, Amelia, and Falyn. Again, no airport close by. So, we drove. Turns out, the drive was fantastic. Cora did amazing!! She wanted someone back there keeping her company when she was awake. Lee drove most of the way, and I entertained. We actually had a lot of fun.

Ashley and Walker's wedding was fantastic. Ashley looked beautiful and Anne made a gorgeous bridesmaid. Cora didn't scream at all through the ceremony. In fact, she ate through the entire thing. :) Here are some pictures of the Belle at the wedding.

Great Grandpa Dick and Cora hanging out in between the ceremony and reception.

Dick, Lee and Bob. Handsome men.

Cora and me outside the church.

Aunt Anne loved seeing Cora's toes flex and curl when she pressed in certain spots.

Grandpa Bob playing with Cora before the ceremony.

We were able to spend a couple of days in Valentine. We had so much fun! I love love love Valentine. Lee loves it even more, so we know we'll always have a great time. We hung out at the house. Lee got to do some fishing. We saw some great friends. Thanks, Cara and Devin, for coming out to see us! We were able to spend a whole day out at Flip's house playing with all of his animals. Lucky us!!!

Anne, Cora, and me walking over to where Bob and Lee were fishing.

Aunt Anne and Cora

Great Great Aunt Elsie and Cora. A picture we will cherish forever.

Cora was mad that we were leaving Flip's house.

A cute picture of her in her carseat. This is before she realized she was going to be in her carseat for a while.

Petting the nose of a water buffalo. Cora loved feeling this lady's nose. :)
Watusi. These were soooo cool.

Cora "riding" a 1 month old miniature pony. Does this qualify as her first horseback ride?

Lee fishing out at Flip's place.

Flip showing Cora another kid goat. She loved the goats.

Look at the goats in the background. Cracks me up!

She loved this little guy. She asked Grandpa Bob to buy it for her. :)

Cara and Cora

Reggie. Definitely older, but looking great!! I miss that dog more than ever.

She loved his chain. I think she could have played with it for hours.

My girl and me.

Like father, like son. Enjoying some European beer. It was mighty tasty.

Cora had a bit much and passed out. Light weight. LOL.

The backyard. Why did we have to leave?

Cora was having way too much fun for one day.

I couldn't believe how green it was in Valentine. It was absolutely beautiful. Edmonton has been incredibly dry this year. The grass is not green. A huge silk worm infestation has destroyed trees all across the city. It just isn't pretty here this year. And, of course, a beautiful year in Nebraska and Wyoming. What a way to make us homesick. Oh well, we aren't moving back to Wyoming anytime soon so we should just suck it up. :) I wonder what Alaska looks like right now?

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