Thursday, July 2, 2009

I know I am Cute

These are just some photos Lee and I have taken over the past week or two. Cora is getting soooo big. We are having more ad more fun with her each and every day. She has an incredibly fun personality. She is so hyper with Lee and me, but gets really shy around new people. She has started to wave and loves to wave at strangers on the bus. Of course, she has the ultimate death grip on me with the other hand. She also loves to smile at the homeless people downtown. They of course flock to her in response and I get to sit there while everyone exchanges toothless grins and babbles incoherently. In all seriousness, it does make me feel good that Cora can bring joy to everyone that she comes across. And she passes no judgement. If they smile (or sometimes even if they don't), that is good enough for her.

Lee's father's day card from Cora.

She is sitting up! And sees grass. :)

This series of photos is one of my favorites. She was in such a great mood!

Talking and chewing on her tongue at the same time. She is so talented! :D

Say what? I can't hear you!

I shot this video to remind myself what it is like to get her to sit still for pictures. Too funny!

This one is a video to show how excited she gets about her Elmo doll. She loves this thing!

Finally, a photo to catch a glimpse at her ever changing eye color. Aren't they cool right now?

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'melia's momma said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!
I actually laughed out loud when I read about the homeless exchanges - too funny!