Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Old Stomping Grounds

We were fortunate enough to spend 1.5 days in Laramie, Wyoming on our drive back to Edmonton. Boy, do we miss this place. I can't even begin to describe how incredibly beautiful campus was. Most of these pictures below were taken in Prexy's Pasture. We used to spend so much time in this area, especially when we had Reg in Laramie. Reggie loved it here. I would lay in the grass while he roamed around campus. He is such a good dog. He was never the only dog either. Laramie is a place where you need a dog. Reggie would bring his tennis ball with him to campus and carry it home. He hated it when I went into a building and left him outside though. Can we say separation anxiety? When Lee and I first started school here, you could drive around Prexy's Pasture to access the building on the "inside" of campus. A few years later, they tore the road out and added big sidewalks. The removal of the road was great! When they were beautifying this area, they tore out a bunch of big trees. The campus community was up in arms because the trees were so amazing. They were huge. In fact, I helped put up and maintain nesting boxes in all of these trees, so it was sad when they tore some of them down. Looking back now, I think it was OK. The trees were old. It is still sad because old and dead are not synonymous. But, UW made up for it with what they have since added to Prexy's. The brought in rocks from Vedauwoo and placed them in all 4 corners of the pasture. They have planted native wildflowers including all around. There is modern art to balance the natural aspect of the pasture. It is amazing. I love this campus.

We didn't make it up to Vedauwoo or the Snowies, but we saw each from a distance. It was quite emotional for us coming back. We have so many great memories there. Now, we are taking Cora to these places. It was really sentimental. We also found out the Beartree Tavern and Cafe in Centennial is for sale. Only $685,000 for this gem. Again, we have so many memories of this bar. Lee's after graduation party was held here. It was so much fun and we still laugh for hours when thinking about that day. Lee and I ate here the night he proposed. They have delicious pizza. We stopped to share a chicken and artichoke pizza before heading into the mountains to scout for moose, or propose as Lee had in mind. Oh, the fun we've had at the Beartree. It is the PERFECT bar. It doesn't smell, the food is great, the beer is good, the live music is outstanding, and the people are wonderful. I wish we could buy it. :)

Lee and Cora playing at the rest stop in Kaycee, Wyo.

She is smacking his chest because she wants him to keep doing whatever it was he was doing.

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