Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick Or Treat!

And the Grinch grabbed the tree, and he started to shove
When he heard a small sound like the coo of a dove.
He turned around fast, and he saw a small Who!
Little Cindy-Lou Who, who was not more than two.

Sweet Little Cora dressed up as Little Cindy-Lou Who this Halloween. She fit the bill as a Cindy-Lou Who. I just couldn't resist. We bought the book, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so Cora could meet the character she was dressing up as. The beginning of this entry is an excerpt from the book. The picture of the character below is actually from the cartoon movie. This is the Cindy-Lou who we tried to recreate. The Cindy-Lou Who from book looks quite different, and the Cindy-Lou Who from the Jim Carrey movie is way different.

The costume worked out really well except for the Christmas ornament, which was her trick or treating bucket. I bought some silver glitter to make the trick or treat bucket shiny. Ummm, yeah, it turned the sucker a nasty silver color. When I tried to fix it, the red spray paint ran out. Oh well. The dress, the antennae, the red bows, and the little girl looked pretty darn good.

Halloween seemed to be spread out over the course of this week. We started by cleaning out the pumpkins. Cora loved watching Daddy pull out the guts of the pumpkin. She was not fond of the slimy feel though. She especially loved listening to her voice as she yelled into the carved out pumpkin.

Oh Boy!

Cora called Grandma Jo to tell her all about the insides of this bright orange pumpkin.

The next night, Cora and I decorated for Halloween. We bought lots of candy so we needed to make sure the little kids would stop by for some trick or treating. We have never had much luck with trick or treaters, but we were hoping this neighborhood would be different. It was the best turn out of trick treaters we have had in Edmonton. We probably had 2 dozen kids or so.

The spider webs, spiders and orange lights on the front porch.

More webs and lights in the entry way.

We had some left over webs that we put in the kitchen and dining room.

On Sunday morning we finished carving the pumpkins. I woke up with the lovely flu that Cora brought home from daycare on Wednesday. Yuck. I think our pumpkins looked so good because Lee carved both of them!

Don't they look awesome!!

Lee took Cora trick or treating, which is a tradition that we will keep for years to come. The weather was amazing this Halloween. It was probably 50 degrees outside. Cora only had to wear a turtle neck and warm tights under her costume! Lee took some great pictures of her in action. And, he is a trooper because the flu hit him as he was trick or treating. We're both home on the couch today.

I love how her antennae look.  She was not fond of them.

Walking up to a house.

She even knocked on the door.

Candy! Even Chinese candies are fun.

On a mission for more candy. Cora's bucket was packed full when she got home.

Heading up to another door!

I guess Cora wanted to enter every house. We don't know these people but she was trying pretty hard to get in. 

I asked Lee today what he thinks Cora will ask to be next year. He said she chased every princess down the street. Hmmmm...A princess huh? Lee really wants her to pick a ghost or something that we can paint her face with. I wonder what the next year will bring us?

Happy Halloween All!

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