Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I have a whole bunch of pictures that don't really have a blog story to go with them. I might as well just throw the whole hodgepodge into one post.

 It must have been a long day. She barely made it through the door before she crashed.

 Two peas in a pod.

She was really liking her outfit that day.

 Candyland Cora! Our little gumdrop.

 This is why it is hard to sew when Cora and Reg are awake. They both are always in the middle of everything. 

 She has a new potty. She loves to sit on it but won't potty in it. I think it might be getting close to the time where we need to seriously think about potty training.

 A bonafide Cora tantrum. She isn't always smiley and happy. Are you surprised? Don't be. She has ATTITUDE.

 Almost finished with the tantrum.


 Everyone loves some Reg.

She loves this crown. She loves Disney Princess movies. She loves dressing up. I love her.

 One without the Belle. A picnic day with some of my girlfriends.

Cora finger painting at daycare this summer. I love her enthusiasm.

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